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See the new INSS benefit values ​​for 2022

Normally, the INSS usually performs readjustments in benefits based on the national baseline. This means that every time the minimum wage is adjusted, all INSS benefits will also be modified.

What this article covers:

Which INSS benefits will be readjusted in 2022?

About 24 million INSS insured persons may have their salaries increased. Check now the benefits that will be readjusted:

  • Retirement;
  • Illness benefit;
  • Aid-seclusion;
  • Pension for death;
  • Maternity pay.

The new forecast is that the values ​​will increase according to the minimum wage, which will go from R$ 1,100 to R$ 1,192, in addition, the Government uses the INPC as the main base, which remains temporarily at 8.4%.

Values ​​of INSS benefits for 2022

It is worth remembering that these values ​​are determined by the Constitution, that is, no benefit can be less than the proposed minimum wage. That is, if the national floor for the year 2022 is R$ 1,192, the other beneficiaries will change.

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Retirement in 2021 Retirement Value in 2022, with the readjustment

BRL 1,100 BRL 1,192.40

BRL 2,000 BRL 2,168

BRL 3,000 BRL 3,252

BRL 4,000 BRL 4,336

BRL 5,000 BRL 5,420

BRL 6,000 BRL 6,504

BRL 6,433.57 BRL 6,973.99

All INSS insured persons must be aware of the changes that will be made for the year 2022, once the Government bill has been presented to the National Congress. The budget law will also have a good influence on unemployment insurance.

The INSS beneficiaries will only know the values ​​next year through the disclosure of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics with respect to accumulated inflation between January and December 2021.

Therefore, what remains for the beneficiaries will be to wait a few more months to find out if, in fact, their salaries will be increased, and everything that indicates, according to the floor, the numbers should rise to help families who receive retirement and other benefits from the work, for example.

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