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See the list of financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank in Brazil to avoid falling into scams

The finance companies authorized by the Central Bank can be consulted through a tool on the BCB website that shows the institutions that offer loans and other financial services in a secure way.

Money is a very important issue, especially nowadays when everything is costing too much. Given this context, financial institutions that offer loans, investments and consulting services are very necessary.

However, it is common to see news involving scams in this type of operation. Desperation for money makes some people not pay attention to certain things in the process, causing it to end up injured later. Therefore, it is important to know which financial institutions are authorized by the Central Bank, as from there it reduces the risk of falling into a possible financial scam.

What this article covers:

Financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank in Brazil

The Central Bank of Brazil is the body responsible for instructing and determining all rules, regulations and supervision of credit operators in the country. It is responsible for checking the credibility and reputation of financial institutions, authorizing their activities in the market.

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Therefore, before entering into a contract for a particular financial product or service, it is necessary to make sure that the company is authorized to carry out this activity. For this purpose, it is necessary to access the website of the BCB and search there if the financial institution is present.

What to analyze in the financial proposal to avoid scams?

As we know well, irregular things do not end and even adapt to existing forms of prevention. Therefore, the Central Bank has already guided several points that must be analyzed when contracting a service offered by a financial institution, the main ones being:

  • Be suspicious if the finance company asks you to make an initial deposit for the loan agreement, especially if it is made into an individual account;
  • Observe if the company has headquarters, even if it links its advertisements in newspapers, internet or other traditional means of communication;
  • Pay attention to credit offers that are very easy or advantageous, that do not ask for a guarantor’s service or that do not carry out a search in a credit restriction register, such as SPC and Serasa.

Find out if the financial institution or loan administrator has authorization from the Central Bank and make sure that it is truly dealing with the offering institution.

What to do if you fall into a fake financial scam?

If you’ve been the victim of a financial scam and don’t know what to do, here’s a list of safe procedures to get your money back. Follow below:

What to do if you fall into a financial scam

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  • Contact the bank: The first thing to do is go to your bank. There are several possibilities to cancel the transfer made in DOC that can be compensated within a period that goes up to the next business day.
  • Go to your online bank account, look under the “Agendamentos” option and check if the transfer is there. If so, you can ask for cancellation. If it doesn’t, ask your financial institution for help immediately.
  • Register an incident report: It is very important that the incident be formalized so that you have a chance of getting your money back. With an Occurrence Bulletin in hand, the incident can be investigated by competent professionals.
  • Therefore, collect all important evidence and take it to the police station closest to your home.
  • Register everything with Procon: Get in touch with the Procon in your region to talk about the scam. This process can be done through a telephone call or virtually over the internet. Procon will be responsible for notifying and prosecuting the company that carried out the coup.
  • Get in touch with the Justice: If you have done all this procedure and still have not had your money back, look for a legal professional to obtain guidance on what should be done. You can go after a Public Defender or a private lawyer.

Always pay attention to these points.

How to access the Central Bank to check the credibility of a financial institution?

As has been said a few times in this article, it is important to check whether finance companies are authorized by the Central Bank. For this, it is necessary to access the website of the agency to check this. The website can be accessed here. After entering it, follow these steps:

  • Type in the search field the segment of the company you are researching;
  • After doing so, fill in one or more data you have about the institution at the time of carrying out the search, by clicking on the “Search” button;
  • Check the results carefully. If the name of the finance company appeared on the list, it is already a great indication. Click on it and proceed with the check;
  • In this item, you can observe various registration information, such as the Company Name, CNPJ card, address, contact telephone number and website. However, the main item to pay attention to is the Status, which must be listed as “Authorized in Activity”.

Follow the step by step and you will have no problems accessing the central bank.

Summarizing Everything

During the course of this article, the importance of paying attention to some bureaucratic issues when hiring a service from a finance company became clear.

We saw how to prevent possible coups, know if we are in one and even what to do after suffering one. We also learned the importance of the Central Bank, how it works and how it offers defense tools to people.

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