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See the best credit cards currently!

When looking for the best credit cards today, which offer easy payment methods and various advantages, people are faced with so many options available, it is difficult to know which one will best meet their needs.

Therefore, to help you choose the best option, we have prepared this text in which we show you which are the best credit cards today. Let’s get to know a little about each one of them, and find out what their benefits are. Follow!

What this article covers:

What is a Credit Card

Being, currently, one of the most commonly used forms of payment in the world, the credit card works as a type of personal loan, in which the bank gives you a limit determined by credit analysis and you can use it the way you prefer, paying off the amount used monthly.

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As for its aesthetics, the credit card has a rectangular shape, containing, for the most part, some data such as the financial institution’s brand, card number and the name of the holder.

How it works?

The credit card has a limit predetermined by the bank. It is possible to buy different items, or pay for different services using the card, as long as the purchase amount does not exceed your limit.

When using a card, it is possible to pay the purchase price in several installments, a procedure that may include fees and interest on the purchase price. Some cards also tend to charge annuity, a card maintenance fee that is usually paid in installments.

The best credit cards

We already know how granting credit through the card works, so let’s see now which are the best credit cards today.


Nubank offers its own credit card under the mastercard flag, free of any type of fee or annuity. One of the highlights of this card is the ability to control expenses and the limit through the Nubank application itself.

The customer can also use the debit method and pay invoices with the available credit – but with the addition of interest.


If what you are looking for is a card with a good cashback program, Meliuz from PAN bank is considered one of the best credit cards in this category. This card has a Cashback service that can reach up to 1.8%, applied to any purchase made using this credit card.

C6 Bank

The C6 card can be used for both credit and debit functions. But the biggest advantage of this card is the atoms program, which for every dollar spent using the credit card, offers points to the cardholder, which can be accumulated and exchanged for benefits.


The Mooba card is another option for those looking for a good cashback service, returning 1% of all purchases made with it. In partner stores, Cashback can reach up to 8.1%.


This card can be completely managed through the app, which has attracted a wave of new users. Another point that conquers customers is that it does not have any type of fee or annuity.


The Digio card also has an excellent application, which allows you to manage your card quickly and conveniently. But what makes it one of the best credit cards today is that it does not have revolving credit, one of the main factors responsible for the indebtedness of millions of credit card users.

What is the easiest card to approve?

Now that you know what the best credit cards are today, you must be thinking about applying for one of them. But which of these cards are easily approved?

What is the easiest card to approve?
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In this regard, we can highlight the Nubank and Inter Gold cards, which are usually easy to approve and do not require a very high score or income. So, now all you have to do is analyze which credit card will bring you the most advantages and apply!

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