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See the best cell phone plan deals this Black Friday

The Black Friday week yields great deals for all Brazilians, and it couldn’t be different with cell phone plans from telecommunications operators. Who is in the dispute for better advantages and promotions are the most relevant operators in the country, Oi, Claro, Vivo and Tim. It is possible to find great discounts on pre, post, broadband internet plans and even TV subscriptions.

The best discounts will be launched on November 26th, the date on which Black Friday takes place in the country, but they can continue for the month of December as well. A lot of material has already started to be released, so stay tuned and don’t miss any information about this great offer event.

What this article covers:

Which carriers offer cell phone plan deals?

Check now a list of the offers of each operator:


To participate in the promotions, Oi announced great discounts for all its cell phone and post control plans. It also announced many discounts in the fixed internet area of ​​its plan called hi fiber??

For those looking for cell phone plans, the operator Oi has prepared the Post Oi Mais Advanced plan. With this plan, the user can enjoy 200 GB of internet for just R$99.90 per month. In the case of the Oi Mais Top plan, the internet before 200 GB will now have the amount of 400GB in the amount of R $ 129.90.

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All the mentioned plans have unlimited calls throughout the national territory and access to Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp services. The offer will only be valid until December 15th.

For broadband internet plans, Black Friday at Oi promises to double the internet for the current price of R$99.90. Before, the contract for this plan was established with 200Mb/s, now it has gone to 400 Mb/s. This discount will only be valid for a period of one year and has a hiring period until December 8th.


With the proper name of Ultra Friday, the month of discounts at Claro has low prices on contracting services. For cell phone plans, Claro has prepared a bonus of over 100GB for purchases of 200GB of internet for the amount of R$389.99. only $169.99.

These are plans intended for people who use the internet a lot in their daily lives, for customers who do not need these amounts, the smaller 40GB plan comes with the gift of another 50GB for R$129.99. It will also be possible to total 60GB when choosing a 30GB plan, which costs R $ 109.99.

For television services, Claro Box costs R$29.99. With it you can use the free subscription to HBO Max. In broadband internet, Claro brought an upgrade to the 250 Mb/s plan that makes it jump to 350 Mb/s. This plan is priced at R$99.99.


Vivo’s discounts have been announced since November 22nd and will be available until November 29th. In cell phone plans, we can mention the advantage that the Control Plan gained, now those who hire the plan get more 6GB of internet on their cell phone. In other plans it is possible to earn up to 20GB of bonus.

A novelty from Vivo is that the operator also launched the novelty of 100% Cashback. This novelty is included in the Vivo Easy plan and will continue until November 30, 2021.


Finally, Tim did a lot of favors for its customers this Black Friday. The company hopes to generate more savings for all its customers. For mobile plans, in Tim Black and Tim Black Família, it is possible to gain up to 50GB with added streaming.

For the famous Tim Controle, the company offers 20GB of internet as a bonus. If the chosen plan is only 5GB, the user can reach 33GB. Prices may vary and are offered starting at $49.99.

For broadband internet, Tim has prepared a Black Friday full of advantages. For TIM Live contracts there will be a gift of over 200 Mb/s that can be used for one year. In total, there will be 500 Mb/s worth R$108.50. Tim also promises unlimited access to Paramount services and the Babbel app.

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