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See the best Banks Digital Accounts with Zero Fee

Currently it is increasingly easy to find a zero fee digital account, which tends to be more economical compared to other accounts. Today we list 9 digital account options and their main benefits, so that you can choose the most appropriate one for your needs.

What this article covers:

What is a Digital Account

In a digital account, all operations are carried out through an application, internet banking or telephone. The main benefit is the exemption of fees for services offered by the bank, such as transfers, deposits and even account maintenance fees.

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Below we list 9 options for zero-fee digital accounts. Check out.

Banco Inter

Banco Inter has existed since 1994, which makes it the best-known and most used zero-fee digital account. The account provides a debit card with mastercard flagwhich allows 24-hour cash withdrawals, in addition to a credit card (subject to analysis) that has no annual fee.


Superdigital is subsidized by Santander, and has no fees as long as spending does not exceed the limit of R$500 on the prepaid card. The plan costs R$9.90, but the customer is not negative if he does not have the amount in his account.


Nubank has the advantage of making the balance pay off, with rates close to those of the Selic. It’s a zero-fee digital account, with an annual fee-free credit card.

PagBank or PagSeguro

PagBank was launched in 2019, and whoever has an account with the PagSeguro service automatically already has a zero tariff digital account. Transfers are unlimited between bank customers, and an international prepaid card with no annual fee can be requested.

C6 Bank

C6 Bank is a zero-fee digital account alternative, with TEDs and unlimited withdrawals. The bank offers a tag for paying tolls, the C6 Taggy. In this way, it is possible to pay tolls with automatic debit in the account.

Next Bank

Banco Next is a zero-fee digital account, subsidized by Bradesco. It has interesting features, such as Crowdfunding, Flow, Goal and Treats, as well as discounts on Uber, Airbnb and Cinemark.


Modalmais is yet another zero-fee digital account option, more geared towards investors. It has resources such as Treasury Direct, Fixed Income, Investment Funds, IPO/OPA public offerings, among others.


Agibank is an option similar to Banco Inter, which comes with a credit and debit card. The current account allows access to loans, investments, consortiums and insurance.

BMG Bank

Banco BMG has the option of a payroll credit card for retired customers, who are INSS pensioners or civil servants. It is a card with low interest rates and no annual fee.

traditional banks

Even traditional banks have invested in digital accounts, such as Caixa and Banco do Brasil, with Conta Fácil. Despite the movement of limited value and fees for transfers, it is still an alternative for those who prefer traditional banks.
After knowing so many options for zero-fee digital accounts, just choose the most appropriate one for your needs and enjoy the benefits offered.

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