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See how to receive Gas Voucher Assistance

With the worsening of the economic situation in Brazil due to the pandemic, several essential products are undergoing changes in their costs, greatly changing the reality of Brazilians. Among them, one of the most talked about is the gas cylinder.

The constant change in prices has meant that the object is costing more than R$100, a very salty amount for some Brazilians. There are reports of families who cannot buy cooking gas, because if they did, there would be no money left for food.

Based on this very difficult, even chaotic context, the government of São Paulo announced the creation of Auxílio Vale-Gás, a program that will pay three installments of R$100. However, some doubts are still emerging about the measure.

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So, check out now everything you need to know about the Vale-Gas Aid.

What this article covers:

Who can receive the Gas Voucher Aid?

A question that has already disturbed many people. Those who can receive the aid are those who are registered in the Single Registry, do not receive aid from the Bolsa Família and have a monthly income below R$ 178.

The government itself disclosed that more than 100,000 families that are in a situation of poverty or misery have already been selected to receive aid. People who live in poor areas are also on the list.

Am I included in the benefit of the Auxílio Vale Gás program?

To check if it was included, just go to the Aid program website gas voucher?? There, you will be asked to click on another link that will take you to the Bolsa do Povo website and, finally, you will be asked for your social identification number. After all these steps, just perform the verification.

It is worth noting that not all cities in São Paulo will be included in the plan, so you need to check if your city is included in the plan to avoid headaches. The amounts began to be paid on July 20th and continue to do so.

With all that was raised, it is valid to say that the need to be informed about the Brazilian scenario is constant. Situations change in the blink of an eye and because of that, stay tuned for constant site updates.

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