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See how to issue a 2nd copy of the vintage bank slip!

The issuance of the 2nd copy of the Safra bank slip can be easily done on the bank’s website, following a simple and quick step by step. This service is very useful for recovering slips that have expired and the payment has not been made, since the 2nd copy has a new payment date. Continue reading to find out how to issue the 2nd copy of the bank slip Safra Bank??

What this article covers:

What is Safra bank?

Banco Safra is one of the largest privately controlled banks in the country, which has existed since 1800. At that time, the company operated only as a banking house, and exchanged between the currencies of different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The bank currently has more than 36,000 employees, is a reference in the local and international market and has a consolidated vision of the future.

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What services does the institution offer?

Banco Safra has several services for its customers. Among them we can mention the current account, credit card, loans, financing, exchange rates and insurance. It is also possible to issue the 2nd copy of slips, vouchers and make payments via PIX.

What services are offered by the institution?

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Banco Safra also has three digital channels: Internet Banking, the Safra Empresas app and the Safra app. For companies, some more features are available, such as Cash Management, payroll, foreign trade and insurance for legal entities.

How to issue a duplicate of the Banco Safra bank slip?

Among the services offered, we have the issuance of the 2nd copy of the Safra bank slip. To issue it, follow the steps below:
Access the page for the 2nd copy of slips;

  • Click on the desired ticket option;
  • You will be redirected to the ticket issue page;
  • Fill in the requested data;
  • Okay, the billet was generated with the updated date for payment.
  • That way, you can issue the 2nd copy of the Safra bank slip.

Banco Safra has a series of services for its customers, which includes the issuance of a 2nd copy of the Banco Safra bank slip. This can be easily done by following our step-by-step guide to obtain the invoice with the updated date so that the payment can be made.

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