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See how to Consult CNPJ by Name in the Free Federal Revenue

learn to consult CNPJ by name at the Federal Revenue for free and find out the situation of your company with the tax authorities. There are several online services for the National Register of Legal Entities, just choose the one that best suits the needs of the taxpayer.

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Consult CNPJ By Name at the Free Federal Revenue Service. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Consult CNPJ by Name at the Free Federal Revenue Service

Every company that wants to carry out its activities legally must contain a CNPJ. As with the CPF, this number stores registration and tax information of interest to the union. Through this data, the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil is able to find out if the company is paying its taxes on time and if there are no pending issues in the register.

You don’t need to go to a Federal Revenue unit to consult CNPJ by name. Through the official website (www.receita.fazenda.gov.br) it is possible to consult for free and obtain the necessary information.

In the National Register of Legal Entities category, the taxpayer can register, request the cancellation of the CNPJ application, issue receipts, among many other services.

See below the step-by-step on how to Consult CNPJ by name for free at the Federal Revenue Service:

Consultation CNPJ Registration Status

Consultation CNPJ Registration Status. (Photo: Disclosure)

Access the website of IRS to check the status of your registration online. Then enter the CNPJ number (which has 14 numerical digits) and the characters in the image on the side. Click the consult button.

On the next page, you will have access to Proof of Enrollment and Registration Status, which gathers data such as business name, address, telephone, e-mail and registration status (active or not). If there is any divergent data in the document, you can look for an RFB unit to carry out the cadastral update.

To print the document generated by the recipe website, click on the “Ctrl + P” keys. The same shortcut also serves to save the file in PDF.

The information contained in search result will be the following:

  • CNPJ Registration Number;
  • Date of opening of the company;
  • Business name;
  • Fantasy name;
  • Code and Description of Main Economic Activity;
  • Code and Description of Secondary Economic Activities;
  • Code and description of the legal status;
  • Public address – Address;
  • Number;
  • Complement;
  • Neighborhood;
  • County;
  • Registration Status;
  • Date of Registration Status;
  • Special Situation;
  • Date of Special Situation;

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Check CNPJ debts

Check CNPJ debts. (Photo: Disclosure)

If your company has failed to pay any income tax, it will probably have debts with the Federal Revenue. On the other hand, if the situation is regular, the entrepreneur is able to generate the CNPJ negative certificate online??

To consult the debts related to federal tax credits and the active debt of the Union, it is very simple, just access the Federal Revenue website, inform the CNPJ number and type the characters in the image in the blank field. Proceed by clicking on the “Consult” button. In a few seconds the negative certificate will be issued.

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Now that you know how to query CNPJ by name, take advantage of the online services that the agency offers at no cost to its taxpayers. If you have any more pertinent questions, you must contact the entity through the service points.

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