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See how to apply for inclusion assistance

The Inclusion Aid, paid by the Federal Government, starts today, October 1, 2021. As established by law, the INSS was responsible for making this payment in the amount of 550 reais, half of a minimum wage, for elderly people and with moderate or severe disability, with the aim of re-entering these individuals in the labor market.

In order to apply for this benefit, you must first meet certain requirements, which are:

  • Carrying out remunerated activities and earning the Assistance Benefit of Continued Provision;
  • Contain the updated Cadúnico registration;
  • The family income meets the criteria required to obtain access to the Continuous Assistance Benefit;
  • That the allowance be below two minimum wages;
  • Regular enrollment in the CPF.

The request for the benefit can be made at the INSS in person, through an application or on the website.

What this article covers:

Who can access assistance?

An elderly person or someone with a disability who can also work formally, with a signed work permit, can apply for the benefit provided that:

  • Be registered with the INSS as a BPC user;
  • Be disabled or elderly;
  • Contain a formal employment with a signed portfolio;
  • Have an income of up to two minimum wages.

Those who received the BPC in the last 5 years at the beginning of paid activity can also apply for inclusion assistance.

About the aid

When the aid is paid, they will no longer receive the Continued Assistance Benefit, as they will already be working and earning a salary. However, in situations where the beneficiary loses his job with a signed work permit, he will no longer receive the inclusion aid and will have access to the BPC again.

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The aid will be cut if the worker receives an increase, and this increase causes the total salary to exceed two minimum wages. Those who have Unemployment Insurance, benefits paid by Social Security, such as retirement, pension, among others, will not be able to receive inclusion assistance.

As it is assistance from the Federal Government, the aid will not give discounts or the right to the thirteenth salary.

The given value of 550 reais will not be included in the family income, thus providing the persistence of the Continuing Assistance Benefit or of some distinct aid-inclusion of another member of the family.

Stimulus for workers

The inclusion aid will serve as a stimulus for elderly and disabled people to become interested and enter the job market, so that all vacancies that are intended for them are filled completely.

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