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See how to apply for a pension for death through the INSS

understand and accepting death is a very difficult process for anyone?? Together with her, it is still necessary to deal with the grief of those who remain and, often, with the bills. And then, the INSS death pension comes in, to support the deceased’s dependents!

Among the pensions offered by the INSS, the death pension is a pension benefit granted to dependents of an insured person of the Social Security who died, provided that he was insured on the date of death.

In this sense, the benefit is granted by Social Security, requires requirements and necessary documents so that the dependents can file the application.

To understand how it works and learn the step by step of how to claim death benefitsee below.

Requirements to claim pension for death at the INSS

So, as we said earlier, to apply for a pension for death at the INSS, certain requirements are required. See below the 3 requirements required to claim the pension.

Insured’s death

First, it was to be expected that it would be necessary prove the death of the insured?? In turn, it is possible to prove death through the death certificate.

However, the certificate must contain the exact day of death of the insured person, in addition to the cause of death, in addition to the existence of dependents.

Assurance status of the deceased

Secondly, proof of the status of insured of the deceased?? In this sense, dependents must present the deceased’s work card or demonstrate that he was in a grace period between 12 and 36 months?? However, there is a fourth understanding to this!

Therefore, it is worth noting that according to the understanding of the Supreme Court of Justice, if the taxpayer has lost the quality of insured at the time of his death, but meets all the necessary requirements to receive the pension, the dependents will be entitled to the death pension.

In summary, even if he was not insured at the time of death, but if he meets the other requirements, he will be entitled to a pension!

Status of dependent of the deceased

Thirdly, it is now a requirement that is no longer incumbent on the deceased insured person, but on those interested in the death pension.

In that sense, it is proof of dependent status of the deceased?? Namely, see the three classes.

first class dependents

So, first-class dependents are the closest dependents of the deceased insured person. That is, the spouse, the partner (if in a stable relationship); the non-emancipated child under the age of 21 or the child of any age, who is disabled, has a mental, intellectual or serious disability.

In this sense, to remember who would be the first class dependents, just remember that they are the first ones that the insured person would remember in case of death.

However, in the case of stepchildren and minors who were under the guardianship of the deceased and are treated as children upon death certificate, it will be necessary to prove the economic dependency??

In addition, it is worth noting that the economic dependence of the spouse or partner and the child of the insured person is presumed, that is, no need to prove??

In short, the divorced or legally separated spouse who received alimony is also entitled to a death pension.

second class dependents

Among second-class dependents are parents. In this sense, to receive the death pension it will also be necessary prove economic dependence on the insured??

It is undeniable that many people believe that parents are first-class dependents and can collect the death benefit immediately. However, this is not valid.

In short, to prove economic dependence, some evidence can be used, such as:

  • Documents proving the same residence for parents and child;
  • Income tax return;
  • Proof of payment of food, medical, hygiene or other essential expenses, among others.

In summary, any document that proves that the parents depended on the deceased child’s financial help will serve as proof!

third class dependents

In the case of third-class dependents, the non-emancipated brother, under 21 years of age or who is disabled, has a mental, intellectual or serious disability as a third-class dependent of the deceased.

However, in order for the brother to receive the death pension, he must also prove economic dependence with the insured person, in the same way as the parents.

However, there is one consideration that needs to be made regarding dependents. Not everyone will receive. Ie, if there are dependents in the first class, second and third class dependents will not be entitled to the death benefit??

Step by step to claim pension for death at the INSS

To apply for death pension at the INSS, it’s very simple and fast! In the first place, access the portal MY INSS over the internet and log in as shown below.

Source: Reproduction of My INSS website screen

After that, click on the option “New order”

Source: Reproduction of My INSS website screen

Then, select the option “Pensions and Reclusion Aid and Maternity Salary”;

Source: Reproduction of My INSS website screen

After that, click on the pension option you want to apply for. In our case, the death benefit.

Source: Reproduction of My INSS website screen

Then update your data and send all the requested information. Finally, you just have to follow the application on the portal itself through the website or even through the MY INSS application.

Application for pension in the event of the death of a retired spouse

It is common for the insured person who is receiving retirement or any other benefit from the INSS and is married to die. In that sense, if that happens, it will not be necessary to present documents to prove the quality of insured??

However, the spouse must present documents that prove the relationship with the deceased. For example, economic dependency documents for parents or siblings.

In short, despite death being such a difficult time, the INSS is ready to support and give continuity to the lives of those left behind! Therefore, if you are already going through this situation, do not waste time and request your death benefit??

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