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Seduce your partner on Valentine’s Day – 5 hot tips that will lift the mood

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil your partner in various ways – not least in the bedroom. Here’s how to make this year’s Valentine’s Day the hottest ever.

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Soon it will be time for Valentine’s Day, the most sensual holiday of the year! Here are five tips from intimate lifestyle brand Lelo to help you take your partner by storm this Valentine’s Day.

1. Give the love letter a hot makeover

Why not try a hotter version of the traditional love letter this year? Leave a note with a sensual message in your partner’s jacket pocket, or send cheeky texts during the day to build anticipation for the evening’s celebrations.

2. Send something more daring than flowers

Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated on Valentine’s Day, but if you want to try something more adventurous, Lelo suggests a hotel room key, a pair of sexy underwear or a fantasy sex toy.

3. Escape everyday life

Take a break from everyday life and book a cozy staycation. A hotel room, a glass of bubbly and a dinner is a guaranteed mood lifter – but a budget version consisting of rose petals on the bed, scented candles and a home-cooked three-course dinner works at least as well.

4. Try role playing

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to try something new and exciting, like role playing. Explore each other’s innermost fantasies by planning role-play throughout the day using daring messages and images.

5. Invest in a toy

End the celebration with a gift that benefits both of you – a couple’s toy is the perfect finale to the evening. Maybe it will be a recurring Valentine’s Day tradition?

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