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Second copy of Bancoob: how to apply?

Perhaps you have a late payment slip in hand and are thinking about how you are going to manage to pay and avoid interest and fines. Don’t worry, in this article we’ll help you update your bank slip and issue a duplicate Bancoob over the internet, in an uncomplicated and secure way.

What this article covers:

What is Bancoob?

Founded in 1996, Bancoob is a bank that has a strategic business management and seeks to encourage the development of credit cooperatives in Brazil, but also seeks a close relationship with its customers and members, assisting in the management of controls and risk , thus satisfying not only the need for credit but also guidance on how best to use and optimize financial actions.

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Banco Cooperativo do Brasil is a financial institution linked to Sicoob, both being part of a single banking institution, so in many cases Banco Bancoob customers receive slips from Sicoob, there is no error in this and you can make the payment without any problems .

How to update the Bancoob slip typeable line?

If you have an overdue payment slip and want to update and receive the duplicate Bancoob, you need to find those barcode numbers to be able to make the payment. Just follow a few simple steps, first you need to identify some information on your bank slip such as the numbers on the typeable line, just find the bank code which is usually the first 3 digits of the line of numbers on the barcode, in the case of Bancoob Sicoob it is the number 756.

You will also need the beneficiary’s data, found on the right side of the slip, they are “Our number” and just below “Beneficiary Code” or “Contracting cooperative”, with this information in hand you will be able to update your slip and receive the duplicate Bancoob, we will see how to do it below.

How to request a duplicate Bancoob Boleto?

As soon as you have the necessary data to obtain the duplicate Bancoob, just access the website https://www.sicoob.com.br/web/sicoob/segunda-via-boleto two ways to do this will appear, selecting the option “Boleto data” you will need to enter the “Beneficiary Code” or “Contracting Cooperative”, and “Our number”, then enter the payer’s CPF or CNPJ number and mark the validation box and click on “Generate Boleto”.

How to request the second copy of the Bancoob slip

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The other way is to use the “Digitable Line” option, which we also identified earlier, just enter all the numbers, then your CPF or CNPJ, check the validation box and click on “Generate Boleto”.

How to update the boleto without having the old boleto in your hands?

But if you do not have an old bank slip in hand, it will not be possible to generate the duplicate Bancoob, in this case it will be necessary to contact the cooperative or company that generated the invoice to request the typeable line data or our number, beneficiary code or contracting cooperative.

What is the Bancoob bank service?

If you have any doubts about the Bancoob duplicate or other service, you can get more information through the Sicoob service for Capitals and metropolitan regions on 4000 1111, or on 0800 642 0000 for other regions, if you want to make compliments, complaints or suggestions, call is 0800 725 0996 from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

If your search is for a credit union that makes your life easier, Bancoob is an excellent option, with the ease of performing services such as updating your second copy easily, quickly and over the internet.

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