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Sebastián Yatra apologizes to Bellakath after criticizing the song “Gatita”: “Sorry! The truth is that I spent a little”

Once Sebastián Yatra made a controversial comment on the famous song “Gatita”, by Bellakath, at a Premio Lo Nuestro press conferencethe Mexican singer confronted him on social networks and the Colombian singer-songwriter apologized for it.

“There is a song about a kitten that is very close. How is the “Gatita” going, what does she say? Because it’s as if a Martian comes here and wants to conquer us and I play that song, that man it is returned, it is returned, ”said the famous.

After the commotion that arose on social networks, Bellakath showed in the stories of his personal Instagram account, a screenshot of a conversation he had with the Colombian, whom he confronted about the comments about the melody, but apparently everything It was on good terms between them.

“Hahahahaha a big hug. Congratulations, today we had fun and I made many jokes with the song, with all my love,” wrote Sebastián Yatra. What Bellakath replied: “OMG, I already saw your joke and I didn’t feel very fond of it, what sadstill, a hug”.

“Sorry! The truth is that I went a bit. Sometimes I make heavy jokes and then I regret it. But it’s not bad, the obvious song is a hit and funny. A hug”, concluded the Colombian singer-songwriter.

Bellakath fixes “misunderstanding” with Sebastián Yatra

Bellakath accompanied his screenshot of the conversation with Sebastián Yatra, with a message where he explained that the misunderstanding was finally fixed.

“Don’t worry friends, everything is fine, Yatra did not do it with bad intentions, thanks to my followers for their messages letting me know,” wrote the Mexican singer, who a few days ago caused controversy by revealing that she dreams of taking her music to a medium Super Bowl time.

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