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Sebastián Rulli’s son debuted on social networks with the actor and they were showered with compliments

Sebastian Rulli He has been characterized by keeping his personal life private, especially when it comes to the children he had with actress Cecilia Galeano. What was it that he said? Here we tell you the details.

In an interview with various media outlets, the protagonist of melodramas such as “Overcoming the past” and “The Rich also cry” was questioned about the recent photograph he published on networks where he can be seen very smiling with his son Santiago.

And it is that the image came by surprise to his fans and all those who knew the actor’s decision to keep his identity “unknown”, especially when revealing that the postcard was captured in one of the most special moments in the adolescent’s life .

“NYC!! One of those trips that will remain in memory and tattooed on the heart!! Seeing you smile like that “My Son” is one of the greatest gifts that life gives me. May many days like these be repeated and we can continue sharing together that infinite love that unites us.“Wrote Sebastián Rulli to accompany the carousel of images that caused a stir on Instagram.

In this regard, the actor could not help but share his motivation to share a little more about the close relationship he has with his children. “Obviously I have felt responsible for his integrity, and of course I wanted to keep that to himself. Now he is an adult, I am not saying that he is the most aware of it because he has to live it, but well, obviously, he does like it and enjoys it and does it with caution, ”he said.

In addition to this, Sebastián Rulli pointed out that he has taken on the task of preparing his son to know the possible consequences of sharing details about his private life. “He knows perfectly what the risks are and we are aware of all this, that he uploads things that do not affect him at any time (…) Thank God I have very good communication, just like his mother,” he concluded.

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