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Four Ways To Screen Capture In IMac

The person who says “What? Four? It’s natural” is quite a tsu. If you’re using a Mac as a regular, one way to Screen Capture In Imac is enough. I don’t think I should deepen it any further. So, today I would like to introduce four. How did you shoot it?

command (⌘) + shift + 3

You can Screen Capture In Imac screen by pressing three keys . How to take the most orthodox screenshots.

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Screen Capture In Imac

command (⌘) + shift + 4

If you change from 3 to 4, you can select the area and take a screenshot. When you press the three keys, a crosshair cursor will be displayed, so you can enclose the part you want to shoot. This is useful when you want to record a part of the screen instead of the full screen.

Screen Capture In Imac

command (⌘) + shift + 4 + space bar

Shoot the entire window . Press all four keys to display the camera icon. You can click the window you want to take with the camera. Great for using multiple software and wanting to shoot just one when multiple windows are open. Mac window screenshots are shaded by default, but if you want to cast a shadow, press the opiton key before clicking the camera icon!

command (⌘) + shift + 5

If you don’t want to remember the four, just think of it as a screenshot and remember this much! When you press the three keys, the screenshot looks the same as the previous one, but the screenshot menu is displayed below. From here, you can select the above screenshot patterns such as the entire screen, area, and window. You can also shoot screen videos instead of images from here. You can also set the storage location for Screen Capture In Imac

That’s the basic usage that is a little useful!


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