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Scientists believe there is a Christmas song that makes you happier than any other – here it is!

Christmas music is something that really stirs emotions, in all sorts of ways. Scientists have created the ultimate Christmas carol, a song that will put you in a better mood and be happier than any other Christmas song. That sounds magical!

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The man behind this stroke of genius is musicologist and professor Joe Bennet. Together with musicians and songwriters, he has created the most festive Christmas carol ever, well scientifically anyway.

Bennet has investigated and analyzed the 200 most listened songs on Spotify in the UK during Christmas week 2016. He concluded that 78 songs were about Christmas, then he started to analyze the songs. He investigated whether there were any common denominators, most used words, tempo and he also looked at how often bells were heard in the songs.

He was right in that 49 percent of the songs contained precisely bells. He was then able to divide all the songs into eight different categories; home, being in love, losing a love, partying, Santa, snow, religious and peace on earth. Once Bennet had all this information, he gave it to songwriters and musicians, so they could create the perfect Christmas song.

They took the key ingredients and boiled it down into the ultimate Christmas carol. The result was “Love’s not just for Christmas”. It contains, among other things, the text lines “Make December last forever” and “Everyone’s about the peace on earth. A little Christmassing for what it’s worth,”. Lines that contain exactly what Bennet arrived at. So if you are one of those people who start to feel sick from too much Christmas music, you can turn to this one instead.

What do you think? Does this song make you a little extra Christmassy?

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