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School party decorations

THE school party decorations needs to be planned with creativity and good taste. When decorating the classroom, it is important to consider the birthday boy’s favorite colors and characters. Every detail can make all the difference in creating a festive, playful and lively atmosphere.

Decoration for children’s school party. (Photo: Disclosure)

The child’s birthday should be celebrated in style, but the budget is not always favorable for a large children’s party. There are many alternatives to get friends together and celebrate, among which celebrations at school stand out. In this space it is easier to gather children and parents reduce expenses.

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Any birthday party needs to be planned in advance to make the guests happy. It is also important to consider the budget limit, otherwise spending can compromise the parents’ pocket. Another important point is the age of the child, in the first two years you can bet on a simpler and more reserved party.

From the first year of kindergarten onwards, it is possible to celebrate the birthday at the school, together with the teacher and the other students. The decoration of the environment can be done according to the birthday boy’s preferences, taking into account, of course, the restrictions of the institution. The teacher can contribute in this sense, suggesting practical and easy ideas for decorating the classroom according to the festivities.

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What this article covers:

School party decorations

Find ways to entertain the little guests. (Photo: Disclosure)

Make the most of space in the classroom

Firstly, it is necessary to take advantage of the available space in the classroom, crowding the desks and chairs in a corner so that the children feel more comfortable playing. Leaving some tables tidy with ‘food and drinks’ is also an interesting suggestion to take advantage of the classroom furniture itself. The decoration must be assembled in a careful way, without suffocating the space.

Bet on balloons with helium gas to decorate the classroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Bet on balloons and decorations

It is up to the parents to provide the school birthday decorations, this is a strong point for taking pictures when cutting the cake. Some ideas are common at children’s parties, such as balloon bows and styrofoam decorations. It is worth considering the combination of colors to enhance a particular theme emphasized by the party.

Celebrating birthdays at school is a viable option for both children and parents. The birthday boy will get lots of gifts and the party organizers won’t have significant expenses such as renting a hall. Those looking for an economical decoration can look for a party house to rent the ornaments according to the child’s preferences or even make them by hand, with molds and colored EVA plates.

Table decorated with “clown” theme. (Photo: Disclosure)

Before planning the school party decorations it is necessary to get in touch with those responsible for the institution and find out the main rules for having a children’s birthday. As the children are in class period, the celebration cannot take too long. Some adults are allowed in the classroom, but the festivities are aimed even at the little students.

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choose a theme

There are several themes that can be addressed in a children’s birthday party, which vary from boy to girl. Usually, movie or cartoon characters are in vogue and serve as inspiration for putting together a look for the party according to the birthday boy’s preferences. Barbie, Disney Princesses, Ben 10, Pucca, Woody Woodpecker, Toy Story, Dinosaurs, Clowns and Hello Kitty are some of the options.

The theme “Branca de Neve” took advantage of the snack time. (Photo: Disclosure)

The main table of the party must be covered with a tablecloth matching the colors of the party and contain decorations positioned vertically. The colorful and well-made cake usually arouses the interest of the little ones, in addition to beautifying the decor.

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