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Scented gift ideas for guests

Both at the wedding and on the anniversary, the souvenirs are great success🇧🇷 They represent a way of honoring the guests, thanking them for their presence and also making the event something unforgettable.

The scented party favors are perfect for the wedding. (Photo: Disclosure)

there are several souvenir models, which differ in terms of size, finish, format, material and colors. Anyway, the treats always try to be creative and acquire some functionality in people’s daily lives.

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Scented souvenirs: tips

At scented party favors they mainly match the wedding parties. They value the romanticism and delicacy of the occasion. The created piece cannot simply be forgotten at the bottom of the guest’s drawer, but kept as something unforgettable.

Simple or sophisticated weddings can offer scented party favors. If the bride and groom are willing to impress and don’t care about spending, they can invest in the distribution of scented kits. However, if the budget is tight, liquid soaps and scented waters are great options for gifting.

If the bride and groom want to innovate, they can also choose an olfactory identity for the ceremony. This same personalized smell must be worked on in the making of souvenirs.

scented gift options

Environment diffuser. (Photo: Disclosure)

You scented treats they are not only part of the matrimonial market, but also stand out in baby showers, maternity wards, baptisms and birthdays.

Check below some scented gift ideas for guests🇧🇷

Flavors: party hosts can choose the fragrance they like best and order the aromatizers. At the Invitation Gallery, each unit costs R$8.80.

MDF box with soap: the decorated MDF box can serve as a soap container. This scented piece, in turn, can have a personalized shape. In the case of a wedding, soap can be inspired by the wedding dress.

Perfumed kit: the bride and groom can present guests with a scented kit. The kit includes liquid soap, moisturizing cream and home spray. At Le Scrap, each kit is available from R$50.

room diffuser: perfect souvenir to leave the house scented. The chosen fragrance can be personalized. At Floco Doce, each unit costs from R$ 4.50.

The bride and groom can choose the best fragrance for the souvenir. (Photo: Disclosure)

Bottle with scented sachet: this souvenir innovates the concept of sachets. She has a sophisticated packaging and a lasting perfume.

Vaporizers: these pieces, when personalized, become perfect souvenirs for the wedding.

Fortune cookie-shaped sachet: a creative way to reinvent a scented souvenir that is considered traditional.

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