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Scalp care – the importance of a healthy scalp

In the same way that we take care of the skin on our face or body, our scalp also needs the same care. The basis of well-being and healthy hair starts with a balanced scalp, something that becomes especially important during periods of colder and drier climates.

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Since the scalp is mostly and often covered with hair, it can be easily forgotten and not taken care of with the same enthusiasm as, for example, the skin on our face. Just as proper skin care for the face is important, proper hair care for the scalp is just as important for healthy hair. An unbalanced scalp can not only cause dryness and irritation, but also result in hair that feels greasy or lackluster.

The fact that the scalp ends up out of balance can be due to several different factors, some of which can be too strong hair care products, changing hormone levels or too hot water temperatures when showering. A hot shower can be difficult to stand during the cold time of the year, but the option of using a shampoo and conditioner that cares for the scalp and hair remains.

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