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say goodbye to split ends

With hair growth, it is inevitable that split ends will appear. To comb it with ease, we have good tips.

When we talk about hair, the split ends are assumed to be an evil that haunts most people with long hair?? Indeed, the longer the hair grows, the more split ends will appear. But it is possible to avoid them.

In addition to making the hair look rougher, the truth is that easily split ends make the simple task of combing your hair a nightmare.

It’s just that, when the strands have damaged ends, the hair tangles very easily, creating knots that, in addition to being ugly, are difficult to comb.

If at this point you are wondering what you can do to get rid of the split ends that affect your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless, read on. We show you the causes and reveal some infallible tricks for beautiful, silky hair without split ends.

Know some tricks to give more health to your hair

The frequent use of curling irons or dryers, as well as external aggressions such as chlorine, wind, UV rays or pollution are two of the main factors responsible for weakening the hair, giving rise to even more split ends.

But also sleeping with damp hair, or the very friction of rubbing the strands with the towel too hard can be the motto for damaged hair.

Consequently, there are some steps you can take to finally get rid of split ends. Get to know them and start putting them into practice now.


Trim the ends every 3 months

All hairdressers advise you to cut your hair ends every 3 months. This is because, in addition to automatically eliminating split ends, the cut encourages capillary renewal. Consequently, the result is more beautiful and healthier hair.

And yes, even if you are trying to grow your hair, it is very important that you keep cutting the ends. After all, no hair grows healthy with split ends.


Be careful when washing

Often, when we wake up in a hurry and have to wash our hair, we end up making the mistake of rubbing it with sudden movements in the shower. Thus, what is advised by hair professionals is to rub only the scalp, and let the rest of the shampoo fall through the hair strands.

Likewise, running the shampoo, mask and conditioner specific to your hair type through cold water (to help close the hair cuticle) until there is no residue left, is also very important for the health of the strands. So make sure that when you get out of the shower, there’s no product left in your hair.

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Make hydrating masks weekly

Moisturizing the hair strands is very important for anyone who wants to have shiny and full of life hair. So, once a week, take some time to take care of yourself and make a hair hydration mask suited to your hair’s needs.

You will see that, after a few weeks, you will notice a big difference. Not only because there will be less split ends, but also because the hair will be more hydrated and smoother.


Beware of wet hair

When you’ve just got out of the shower and your hair is wet, it’s important to take some care, especially not to break the strands and encourage the appearance of split ends.

So, ideally, wrap a towel around your head so that excess water is absorbed. For example, you can get dressed or have breakfast and, only afterwards, remove the towel, comb the strands carefully (do it with a wide-toothed comb that makes the hair less fragile, for example) and only then dry .


Always use heat protectant and hair oils

The use of a thermal protector when using a hairdryer or hair stylers is essential to protect the hair strands from high temperatures (responsible for weakening the hair). Therefore, this is a product that you really have to include in your routine if you want to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Likewise, betting on a specific serum or hair oil for hair with split ends is a good bet to take care of the hair strands, giving them hydration, protection and nutrition.

And if you’re thinking at this point that you can’t spend much because you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry. You can find both thermal protectors and hair oils at good prices in the supermarket.

Here, the most important thing is not the brand, but the frequent use of these products.

As you can see, it’s very easy to say goodbye to split ends. Put these tips into practice now, and you’ll see that prioritizing the health of the strands results in wonderful hair, the kind that all your friends and acquaintances would envy.

It’s never been easier to have beautiful hair, right?

Article originally published in October 2021. Updated in September 2022.

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