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Save on Christmas decoration: 10 ideas

want to know how save on Christmas decorations?? So, you’re in the right place. Whether you like to decorate your house differently every year or simply because you have just moved in and haven’t bought anything to decorate your house yet, we have solutions for you.

The Christmas season calls for lights, nativity scenes, balls, angels, Santas, stars, wreaths and candles! It’s all part of the spirit of the time and there’s no use making excuses, otherwise it’s not funny.

In everyday life, the budget is already so stretched that there may be little left for Christmas decoration. Well, all it takes is some creativity and dedication. If you take a quick hop to Pinterest, you’ll find hundreds of amazing ideas at low cost to decorate your home.

always thinking about your budget for christmaswe’ve put together 10 ideas so you know how to save on Christmas decor.

How to save on Christmas decorations

10 amazing and cheap ideas


Reuse objects you already have

Objects such as candles, for example, that you already use to decorate your home can perfectly be reused for Christmas decoration.

If you have beige, white, green, red or even brown candles at home, you can use them to decorate the whole house during the Christmas season. You can always try make your own candles??


1 Euro in-store purchases

The 1 euro stores have several excellent items to save on Christmas decorations. Whether when the season approaches, or during the year, you can buy different items to decorate your home at this time.

Throughout the year, you can store at home, for example, napkins, paper plates, even candles and some decorative pieces that you think will easily fit into the Christmas decor.

Remember to buy in the colors that you normally wear or that you will want to wear for the holiday season.


Reuse cans and jars

What do you do with cans and jars of beans and sausages? Anything? Wash them, remove the paper, put a candle inside and that’s it! You can also paint the cans in the color of your Christmas decoration.

Better: gather ten cans, make small holes in each one, in order to form the letters “Merry Christmas” and you already have a simple, cheap decoration that will be successful.


Renovate some pieces with decorative ribbons

Don’t throw away Christmas decorations from previous years even if some collections are incomplete. With them, you can build a wreath or use those leftovers to fill glass jars, add some lights and you already have a different tree!

Stop by a 1 euro store or even craft stores and with little money you can buy rolls of decorative tape, for example – but you can choose any type of tape to decorate objects you have at home.

Customize and update some centerpieces in your decor: frames, chandeliers, bowls, you name it. Use your imagination.


Unleash children’s creativity

Make Christmas decorations with your children. They can be drawings, angels or stars on cardboard, cookies or chocolates to put on the tree.

online, in pages like Pinterest or on YouTube, you’ll find hundreds of tips and tutorials.

Whether it’s fallen leaves from a tree with autumn colors, small logs you pick up here and there, pieces of holly you have in your garden or even pine cones, bringing nature indoors is a simple way to decorate your home for Christmas.

Spray paint them gold or silver. Put the tree trunks in a vase and make a different Christmas tree. The limit is really your imagination.


Make a paper door wreath

With a few sheets of tissue paper or crepe paper, you can easily decorate a wreath for your front door. Buy one in foam, cover it with tissue paper or crepe paper, glue some sheets together and place a bow at the end. Simple, cheap and easy!


Bet on a tree on the wall

It can be with cardboard, with newspapers, with post-it notes, with tree branches, with lights, with family photographs, with thread, ribbons or bows, with recycled postcards, fabric, rolls of paper, buttons, corks, cotton… , be creative!

We remind you that the LED lights last about 200 thousand hours and consume 90% less energy, bet on these to save on your electricity bill.


Buy less at a time

If it’s your first Christmas in your new home, we know it’s hard to control your enthusiasm, but don’t buy all the decorations now! Prefer to buy a little bit each year or, even better, take advantage of the discounts that the stores offer, immediately after Christmas, to make a bigger investment.


Make an eco-friendly Christmas tree

Use old magazines, brochures or newspapers to make Christmas trees of various sizes and shapes to decorate your home. Youtube has no shortage of tutorials to learn.

Then you can leave them like that, you can paint them the color you like the most and add decorations such as stars or balls.

Article originally published December 2021. Updated November 2022.

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