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Save energy with everything off

There are times when you need to run a software program on your computer, but you need to be somewhere else at the same time. This may be a download you don’t want to interrupt while you have to go to work or go to bed. It can also be a backup job, defragmentation, or any other time-consuming operation that you may not have at this particular time.

The computer will not normally shut down automatically unless the software provides the means to automatically shut down the computer once its operation is complete. Enter All Off, which is a small software program that can automatically shut down a computer under certain circumstances.

It monitors mouse, keyboard, and CPU activity and will initiate a shutdown if there has been no activity for more than 600 seconds. All parameters can be changed in the options to suit the user’s needs.

For example, you can change the idle time to a value between 5 and 1800 seconds, the CPU load from 5 to a value between 1 and 30, or the CPU threshold to a value between 5 and 50.

save energy

The same menu provides the options to determine the type of shutdown. Shutdown, Hibernate, Monitor, Reboot, Shutdown, or Standby are available.

Another interesting possibility is the option of using the software on remote computers. All shutdown can be installed as a slave on remote computers so that they can be monitored over a network or the Internet.

The app is free for personal use. However, the developer requires a registration on their website. Slave computer systems do not require a registration code.

To update: The latest version of All Off has been released recently. The new version comes with an automatic update checker, changes to program parameters such as the idle delay timer, and a new system tray icon that shows the status of the program.

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