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Satellite connectivity, what will come with Android 14 • ENTER.CO

The Android 13 operating system has just been released, but the first news of Android 14 is already known. The popular mobile operating system that should see the light of day by 2023.

The next version of this software is expected to have the ability to connect with satellites. One of the novelties that has already been talked about after the Elon Musk project and his alliance with T-Mobile. The idea is that cell phones can connect directly with satellites to obtain connectivity.

The information was made known through a post by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, and Google Photos. Through the twitter profilereported that they are already working on the design of the next version of Android, which will have support for satellite connectivity. This announcement also happens now that most Android phones are waiting for their update to version 13.

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Although the company representative does not provide further details, it is understood that the partners that are supporting this process are Starlink and T-Mobile. This is because both companies announced on August 25 that they were going to work together to increase mobile connectivity. To do this, they will use Elon Musk’s satellite network.

Currently, satellite connectivity works on a few devices. These have some very peculiar characteristics such as large antennas that were added by the same manufacturers. The purpose with Android 14 is that this support is now native to each cell phone. This idea is not only novel, but it is also not so new.

Some companies offer this type of satellite connectivity that can only be used by an elite. Now the landscape seems to be changing because manufacturers seem to be looking at satellite Internet as an attractive option. In fact, it is speculated that one of the iPhone 14, which is about to be presented, will come with satellite connectivity and if this is confirmed, the manufacturers will begin to assemble smartphones with this feature.

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