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Sara Maldonado unleashed sighs in networks with stockings and a fringed dress

Tremendous stir caused the Mexican actress Sarah Maldonado after turning to his social networks to share a taste of the photo session he recently starred in. Check out how the public reacted here!

From his official profile on Instagram, the protagonist of melodramas such as “Storm in Paradise” and “Aurora” published a photograph in which she was seen to be more glamorous and sensual than ever sheathed in a fringed dress.

Said piece hugged every curve of her body and highlighted her tanned skin. In addition, she was accompanied by a pair of fishnets that gave her the perfect balance between “daring” and “glamorous”.

As for makeup and hairstyle, Sara Maldonado wore her long brown hair on her shoulders and neutral colors that accentuated the features of her face. Of course, she said goodbye to her characteristic curls to welcome her to a “straight” style.

As it was expected, The publication did not take long to fill with likes and comments in which she became the target of compliments for her natural beauty and without filters at 43 years of age.

“You look beautiful, precious, well you have always been very beautiful, you are my favorite from the game of life”; “Since class 406 is my platonic love”; “Only you could look like this” and “What a beautiful woman” are some of the comments that the famous girl collected under her image.

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