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Santander will extend authentication through facial biometrics to 10 million customers

More than 10 million Santander bank customers will be able to take advantage of facial biometric authentication. Starting this week, all your account holders will be able to register and perform facial authentication. In this way, all transactions made by these customers can only be authorized through facial biometric authentication.

Santander will also make available the enabling of devices with digital signature, Santander ID and biometrics through the face. According to the bank, technology is capable of bringing new customers and retaining those who are already with them, as all changes in this area are capable of speeding up service.

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What is Santander’s proposal with facial biometrics authentication?

With the increased use and acceptance of authentication using facial biometrics, Santander expects its physical branches to be more spacious for customers who wish to provide specialized advice and resolve time-consuming problems.

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Because of this, the institution has already started to change the entire physical network, branches were closed and now they intend to activate a new bank branch format with coworking??

In addition, Santander hopes that authentication using facial biometrics will be able to increasingly increase the security of its transactions through the app. With biometrics in facial mode, it is possible to block access to operations in case of theft of the cell phone. For them, this new technology can allow them to improve their data protection algorithms.

Authentication by facial biometrics: what are the improvements in everyday life

Authentication by facial biometrics is a method that consists of using physical characteristics of the human face as a security system. This technology is increasingly popular in the world, as it ensures practicality and protection for the business environment.

This method basically consists of identification through an analysis of the biological and physiological patterns of an individual. Among its greatest advantages and benefits for day-to-day improvement, we can list:

  • Diffusion of data by facial images in digital media;
  • Improvement of all facial recognition manually;
  • Processes with agility and speed;
  • Convenience for customers and companies;
  • Integration of new software for security;
  • High protection of data and transactions.

The number of companies that already use facial biometrics authentication to bring greater security and optimization of their processes is increasing. With facial biometrics, it is possible to manage employee input and output data through this face recognition.

Educational institutions like schools and colleges are also embracing technology to track their students’ attendance. Therefore, authentication by facial biometrics is considered a big deal and promises to increasingly accelerate day-to-day processes.

Facial Biometrics Authentication: How It Works and Is It Secure

Authentication by facial biometrics is done through an analysis of the geometry of each face, such as distance and spaces between eyes, nose and chin. Thus, an encrypted data model is created with the information. To authenticate the individual, the tool scans his face in a few seconds and relates it to the saved model.

The strength of this technology is protection and practicality. With it, total protection is guaranteed to its users and it can also be introduced in an infinite number of sectors. Nowadays, this modernity is even used in public management, as it ensures identification and greater customs policing.

Facial biometrics is a method used by more and more people, it is an advanced impact technology and promises all possible security to its users in just seconds of validation.

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