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Santander credit card for negatives: Check it out!

The Santander credit card for negatives is something that can help them in some way for purchases, and be able to enjoy its main benefits. This is the type of card that requires the least amount of questions for the potential customer, so it’s a good bet.

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What does it mean to say that a credit card is for negatives?

Some banks offer customers prepaid credit cards, which may be a good option for customers who are negative. With prepaid, you can add X amount of money, and use it in the same way as a credit card.

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You pay for what you use, and when you want to increase the limit, just insert more money to be able to make your purchases. It is a very practical and faster method than waiting a week for the credit analysis, especially if you are negative.

Does Santander offer a credit card for those with a dirty name?

In partnership with the SPC and Serasa, the Santander bank launched a card called Santander Free. It is an option for people who are negative to be able to use it on a daily basis. It is only important that you have a minimum income of R$ 1,000.

Santander will do an income assessment and your situation with the SPC/Serasa, in order to be able to analyze you and find out if they can grant you some type of limit to be used. Check your Score on Serasa’s own website, which makes the free consultation available to you, as you will need a score that is at least reasonable.

How does the Santander negative card work?

The Santander Free credit card does not have any fees as long as purchases over R$ 100 are made. If you do not buy anything in this amount, you will have to pay for the annuity in 12 installments of R$ 31.17.

If you usually spend more than R$100 during the month, don’t worry about the annual fee, as you can save much more without installments.

Those who are negative will be able to take advantage of the point programs, as the card brand is from Visa. You will receive 50% discounts on purchases made at the bank’s partners, and even pay your purchases in 24 installments.

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