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Sanitary measures to travel safely

Do you want to visit a tourist city in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic? Find out what are the health measures to travel that you should consider in the vacation rental.

Whether you plan to take a business trip or visit a tourist city during the holiday season, it is important that you implement the corresponding sanitary measures to avoid possible contagion by COVID-19.

Even despite the extended quarantine and federal measures to prevent the spread of the virus, it is essential to have the necessary cleanliness and hygiene, throughout the duration of your stay, to avoid endangering the people around you.

In this way, if you are planning to visit a tourist destination in Mexico, We invite you to put into practice some health measures to travel that you will need when renting a vacation home.

What health measures to travel should I consider when visiting a tourist city?

  • Use the corresponding protective equipment
  • Check that the stay has the certification seal of the Ministry of Health
  • Avoid consecutive stays
  • Make the payment electronically
  • Make sure the space is sanitized
  • Follow the rules for the use of common areas

Use the corresponding protective equipment

The first health measure to travel, What you should take into consideration if you go to a vacation rentalis to always use the protective equipment determined by the Ministry of Health when starting the health contingency due to COVID-19 (in case you travel abroad, you should consult the equipment established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The most important equipment when traveling is gloves, protective glasses, masks or face shields and always wearing a face mask. You should also maintain good hand hygiene, so you can use disinfectant wipes and antibacterial gel if you don’t have a sink nearby.

Check that the stay has the certification seal of the Ministry of Health

It is very important that the room where you are going to stay has the seal issued by the Ministry of Tourism, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, which is known as “Quality in Good Hygienic Practices Clean Point”. This protocol certifies that restaurants, cities, travel agencies, ecotourism centers, among other lodging services, are a completely safe place for guests.

Likewise, it is sought that the accommodations comply with a new regulation of the Advanced Cleaning Program, elaborated based on the advice of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, in which experts and leading companies in the cleaning service participate. cleanliness and hygiene. It is important to clarify that this program has not yet entered into force in Mexico, however, it is expected that it will begin to be implemented in high-risk areas due to COVID-19.

Thanks to this, visitors will be able to choose a home that is in optimal conditions to be inhabited, either for a day, a weekend, or the duration of the stay in the tourist destination.

Avoid consecutive stays

Another of the health measures to travel What you should put into practice is to avoid consecutive accommodations. That is, choose a property that has a space of 72 hours between one stay and another, since it is the period currently stipulated by the World Health Organization, and that is of great importance if you are planning to make a trip during the new normality. .

Make the payment electronically

Once you have found the ideal house for vacation rental, it is important that you make the reservation in advance and make the payment through an electronic transfer. You can also make the payment electronically by making check in.

Remember that during the health contingency it is essential to avoid the use of cash, especially since it is an element of great transmission. Try to look for accommodations that offer the transfer option.

Make sure the space is sanitized

This sanitary measure is essential when going to the vacation rental and it is a step that all accommodation must offer, since it is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.

When you arrive at the place, the first thing that the collaborators must do when receiving you is sanitize your luggage and provide you with antibacterial gel, as well as take your temperature on your forehead.

Usually, the people who offer their accommodations have adequate measures for cleaning and sanitizing areas, however, it is recommended that you carry out a brief inspection to guarantee that the space has been cleaned with substances that eliminate bacteria and germs.

Follow the rules for the use of common areas

During the health contingency, the people who offer accommodation have also put in place a series of rules and recommendations for the use of common areas, especially those that are most contagious such as gyms, swimming pools, courts and playgrounds. For this reason, it is very important that as a guest you take the necessary sanitary measures stipulated by the administration, some of these may be, for example, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters, constantly using antibacterial gel, wearing a face mask at all times, among many others. others.

Now that you know what the sanitary measures are to travel and go to a vacation rental, remember not to expose yourself in high-risk tourist cities. We recommend you visit the states with fewer cases of COVID-19.

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