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Sandra Urrutia Pérez would be the new ICT Minister • ENTER.CO

The media outlet El Tiempo announced that Sandra Urrutia Pérez would be the new ICT Minister. However, so far there is no official confirmation from the Government.

The appointment of Sandra Urrutia occurs after the appointment of Mery Gutiérrez was dropped due to an alleged conflict of interest. This, apparently, due to the demand to the State of his company Programar Televisión to the National Television Authority (ANTV) for a value of $45,000 million pesos. The conflict lies in the fact that when ANTV disappeared, the case was taken over by the ICT Ministry.

Profile of Sandra Urrutia

Sandra Urrutia is a lawyer, with a master’s degree in administrative law. She also has a specialization in telecommunications law, in this she has more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. She also has experience in the field of residential public services, surveillance and control, regulation and customer service.

He has an extensive career in the public sector. She started at the Superintendency of Residential Public Services where she was for 8 years, there she worked as an external advisor and coordinator of appeals of the Central Territorial Directorate. She spent a period as Delegate for Telecommunications as Advisor and Director of Investigations and also, for 3 years, in the Communications Regulations Commission – CRC- as legal advisor.

For a year, Sandra Urrutia was director in charge and Surveillance and Control Coordinator of the National Television Authority (ANTV). While in the private sector, her experience is complemented by positions as Coordinator of Regulation, legal management and competition of Colombia Telecomunicaciones for 2 years. The last position she held, and where she remained for 2 years, was as legal advisor to the Vice Ministry of Connectivity and Digitization of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies. Currently, she works as a professor in the Department of Telecommunications Law at the Externado de Colombia University.

The appointment of Sandra Urrutia is expected to be announced in the next few hours by President Gustavo Petro.


Image: Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

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