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Sandra Urrutia, ICT Minister, the last to be sworn in • ENTER.CO

The appointment and possession of the new ICT minister has not been without controversy. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies is the last to have a female minister after almost a month of having started the new Government.

Everything indicates that at 3:00 in the afternoon of this September 5, Sandra Milena Urrutia will take the oath of office, but her appointment was also about to get complicated. Her possession was expected to happen within the framework of Andicom 2022, which had to be postponed due to alleged inability. Her alleged impediment lies in the fact that Urrutia was director of Fiscal Surveillance in the Comptroller General of the Republic and she was in charge of the ICT issue.

If this happens, she would have to declare herself unable to take action on matters that have been investigated in the Comptroller General’s Office. Among them, the controversy of Centro Poblados that cost him the position of Karen Abudinen at the time of her. Apparently, the legal team of the Casa de Nariño resolved the presumed inability and Urrutia’s possession will take place without problems. At least, this is what Mauricio Lizcano, director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency, reported through his official profile on the social network Twitter.

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The fall of Mery Gutierrez

Urrutia’s controversy was preceded by what happened with Mery Gutiérrez, who was unable to take office due to a conflict of interest in this same portfolio. Gutiérrez’s case became known when it became known that she was the legal representative of a company that participated in a class action lawsuit against the State for a tender for Channel One in 2016. Although Gutiérrez waived the rights to this lawsuit, the president Gustavo Petro desist from his designation for this portfolio. With the swearing-in of Sandra Urrutia, the uncertainty in the ICT Ministry ends. In addition, finally the Government of President Gustavo Petro completes his cabinet for the next 4 years of mandate.

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