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Sandra Echeverría sends a tremendous request to Ángela Aguilar and her cousin, Majo Aguilar

Sandra Echeverria She seeks to resume her singing career, after she is experiencing the separation with her ex-husband, the famous musician, conductor and interpreter, Leonardo Leozanne.

Therefore, he is confident that he has a talent for singing, so he seeks to venture into this field, despite the fact that he has been seen more on the small screen. So she wants to take advantage of this moment to resume her singer-songwriter career with much more force.

In a chat with the Heraldo de México, he revealed that in the future he would love to perform a duet with two of the most beloved members of the Aguilar family.

Echeverría spoke about his new single “Ahí te quedas con tu vida” and the challenge of interpreting regional Mexican musica musical genre that has very few female exponents.

Ensures that, although it is not something simple and it has knocked on many doors to end machismo in the musical genre it represents.

She will continue at the foot of the canyon making music and even singing some covers by great performers such as Rocío Durcal, Ana Gabriel, Lucha Villa, Aída Cuevas, among many others, this with the intention that the new generations know these songs with which she grew up. .

And speaking of new generations, during the interview we asked Sandra if at some point she would like to unite her talent, both vocal and composer, with Angela Aguilar who has become a watershed in the Mexican regional industry.

Faced with this questioning and without hesitation for a second, Sandra Echeverría assured that she does want to sing at some point with Ángela Aguilar because it would be a dream for the also actress to be able to sing with someone so young but who at the same time has so much experience.

“It would be a dream, I am going to tell you that I have always heard his voice and it makes me beautiful. I was shocked and said ‘wow’, he sings divine on the recording, but he sings even better live and it’s incredible that he’s so young and that he already has those stages, that personality, that confidence, that voice, it’s really admirable she does and obviously I would love to do a duet in the future if she allows me. Also with her cousin, eh hers, with Majo Aguilar she seems super talented and I would also love to be able to sing with her at some point ”


And it is that, Sandra remembers that one occasion she had the opportunity to see Ángela Aguilar live while she sang a cover of Kanny García and was impressed with the vocal quality of the so-called “Princess of the Mexican regional”.

But she would like to combine her talent not only with Ángela Aguilar, since Sandra Echeverría assures that she would also love to record alongside majo aguilar who is another member of this renowned musical dynasty.

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