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Sandra Echeverría raises her hand and asks for an opportunity to make the bioseries of the famous singer. Who is it?

The Mexican actress Sandra Echeverria She is confident that her performance as “La Doña” in the María Félix bioseries turned out more than well.

For this reason, in a talk with the Heraldo de México, the ex-wife of Leonardo Leozane was promoting his single “Ahí te quedas con tu vida”, where he took the opportunity to talk not only about his return to music but rather the possibility of doing some work in honor of the great Chavela Vargas.

Echeverría has not only participated in soap operas but in various Mexican film productions, few know that he began his artistic career in music.

So with his return to this art He wants to make songs by great artists known to the new generations, so he does not rule out at some point recording covers by Rocío Durcal, Ana Gabriel, Lucha Villa, Aída Cuevas and even the great Chavela Vargas.

During the talk, Sandra revealed that after masterfully interpreting María Felix, in the future She would like to do something about the woman who was born in Costa Rica but who assured that she was Mexican because, according to her, she said that: “Mexicans are born where we want!”.

“I would very much like to do something in the future with Chavela Vargas, perhaps a biography, also her life as an actress and in one of those also get involved in music”


And it is that, We asked Sandra if she would like to play the Costa Rican as she did with María Félix and before this the singer and actress told us that some time ago some producers looked for her with the firm intention that she work on a project about the life of Chavela Vargas.

Such was the emotion of Sandra Echeverría that after being sought to work In this project he began to review with his guitar to be able to find the voice color of Chavela Vargas and although he assures that it was something very funny, he was left with the desire for the project to materialize.

And it is that he assures that the producers who sought it were looking at the rights to the life of Chavela Vargas, so he does not know if this project is going to materialize, however, he would love to work on that production.

“I don’t know if it will be possible to achieve it or not because Chavela’s rights do not depend on me, but yes, yes, I put myself there, he raised his hand, I would love it, I think it would be a great opportunity for me”

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