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Samsung meets with Minister of Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg

On August 15, Jong-hee Han, vice-chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, and Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s minister for foreign trade, met.

Sweden and Korea have a long history of good relations. In 2019, the president of South Korea visited Sweden to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations. Samsung is keen to continue contributing to the promotion of the relationship between the two countries.

At the top of the agenda was a common interest for the parties: the transition to a circular economy and contributing to the green transition. Vice Chairman JH Han expressed his appreciation for Sweden’s ambitious plans to lead the global green transition. To support the transition, Samsung strives to achieve circularity through, among other things, recycling systems for electronic waste, product design that extends product lifetimes (eg more energy-efficient products, better batteries, water-resistant mobiles) and expanded opportunities to repair broken products.

During the meeting, Vice Chairman Han also expressed Samsung’s support for South Korea’s application to host the 2030 World Expo in the city of Busan.

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