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Samsung credit card: benefits and how to apply!

The Samsung credit card is a credit solution created through a partnership between the technology company Samsung and Itaú bank. It is ideal for those who like to buy the Korean company’s products and enjoy taking advantage of payment terms and special benefits, such as the free annual fee.

But that’s not all, as the Samsung credit card has many interesting advantages for customers. As it is issued under the Visa Platinum flag, it gives access to several benefits, in addition to allowing it to be used in establishments outside Brazil. Check out more about this card below!

What this article covers:

What is Samsung Credit Card?

Samsung Credit Card is a line of credit option offered by Itau bank🇧🇷 It is particularly special for those who like products manufactured by the company Samsung, as it is possible to obtain interesting discounts in the company’s stores.

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But, Samsung credit card can still be used in normal day to day shopping situations without any problem.

How to apply for the Samsung Itaú card?

The Samsung credit card request must be made on the Itaú bank website, specifically in the “cards” section. Just search for Samsung Platinum and click on the corresponding page for that product. After that, just start the formal request (with the CPF it is already possible to start this process).

How to apply for Samsung Itaú card

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The bank asks that a form be filled out with the applicant’s personal information. After that, just send the proposal that must be analyzed by the institution.

In case of approval, Itaú issues a message and sends the card to the customer’s address. But, it is important to remember that to get a Samsung card you must have a minimum income of R$ 800.00.

Samsung credit card benefits

There are many benefits associated with the Samsung credit card, both those offered by the product itself and those offered by the Visa Platinum brand. Check out some of them below:

special discounts

With the Samsung credit card, you can enjoy discounts and special payment terms at Samsung stores. In addition to the lower value of the products, they can be paid in up to 24 installments.

free annuity

Whoever has a Samsung credit card and requests to participate in the Samsung Itaucard Plan is free to pay an annuity forever.

exclusive application

Customers have access to a mobile application that allows them to obtain specific information (such as invoices, for example) and manage issues associated with the card.

Visa Platinum Advantages

Having a Samsung credit card also guarantees access to a very large list of benefits offered by the Visa Platinum brand. Special insurance, access to the Vai de Visa program, Emergency Withdrawal, card replacement in emergency situations, purchase protection and price protection are some examples, but there is much more.


The Samsung credit card also has specific mechanisms that guarantee the safety of its use, such as the absence of information printed on the plastic, for example.

Is it worth having the Samsung Card?

The Samsung credit card undoubtedly has great advantages, but it is important to know if it fits your reality and consumption profile. But, in general, for those who like to enjoy benefits related to insurance, ease of use and discounts (in addition to the ease of purchase at Samsung stores), this product is certainly worth it.

Samsung Itaucard card: what is the initial limit?

There is no predefined initial limit for the Samsung credit card, as this directly depends on the bank’s analysis at the time of the plastic request. The institution must examine the applicant’s consumption profile and income, and based on this, the initial limit is established.

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