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Samsung could be sued for not including chargers • ENTER.CO

When Apple announced that its iPhone 12 would begin to be sold without accessories (chargers and headphones), Samsung, its main competition, argued that its devices would continue to offer accessories. However, in the year 2021, we learned that the Galaxy S21 would begin to arrive without the included charger, since then, all Samsung cell phones stopped being sold with the charger.

Due to this change that Apple decided to make first, the Cupertino company faced a lawsuit by a Brazilian user for not including headphones or a charger with her iPhone 12; on this occasion, the company lost for which it had to pay at least $1,100 dollars to the plaintiff. The judge’s sentence assured that the company had fallen into “abusive and illegal” practices; now, Samsung could face a similar lawsuit.

The difference, in this new case that is presented with Samsung, is that it is not a single user who files the lawsuit, since a group of Brazilian users have come together to sue the technology giant. These decided to put the lawsuit by removing the wall chargers from the latest flagship phones developed by the brand.

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What is the reason why companies decided to stop including accessories? For environmental reasons. Both companies maintain that the reasons that moved them to take these measures are in favor of caring for the environment, since many customers already have the charger, so including it again is an environmental waste.

Faced with these decisions, users disagreed, arguing that, although the chargers are no longer included, the prices of the flagship phones of both companies have not decreased much. Faced with this situation, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice argued that at least 900 departments of Procon, the base of consumer rights in Brazil, will file legal actions against Samsung.

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