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Salma Hayek arrived eating a Pulparindo at the Golden Globes 2023

Salma Hayek at the 2023 Golden Globes.

Photo: Amy Susman. /Getty Images

The Mexican Salma Hayek She has always said that she is a mere mere Mexican. With her incredible fame in hollywood, many might think that it could have left its roots somewhat aside. But his patriotism and love for “his things” was proven in the recent delivery of the Golden Globes 2023, where The interpreter of Frida Kahlo arrived eating a Pulparindo on the red carpet.

even though her dress gucci Between glitters and transparencies, they revealed her incredible figure, added to her usual neckline, this time translucent, which is always very flattered, what drew all the comments from the press, present and fans was a Pulparindo and a marzipan that Salma Hayek carried in her hand when she arrived on the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2022.

Without fear of what they will say and with the spontaneity that characterizes her, Salma Hayek He made it clear that his tastes for Mexican sweets are still intact and that, if it is about cravings, well Mexico is always your first choice. Several times we have seen her preparing margaritas, tamales, rosca de reyes and even eating tacos like any “ordinary citizen”.

Of course, we do empower her neckline and her incomparable beauty. So we leave you some photos of how beautiful the Mexican actress looked.

What is the Pulparindo

It is a candy that is made from tamarind (fruit) and containing sugar, chili and salt. It also has an extra spicy version for the more daring. Its packaging has been the same for years, ever since the candy became popular in Mexico: yellow an animated tamarind.

Mexico in the lead

But Salma Hayek She was not the only Mexican who gave something to talk about last night in the Golden Globes 2023. Guillermo del Toro put the name of Mexico on high. Yes again! His film Pinocchio (Pinocchio) won Best Animated Film and is emerging as a possible winner in the same line the next Oscar Awards 2023.

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