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Salesforce launches its generative AI solution Einstein GPT

Today, Salesforce Einstein is launching GPT, a generative AI that focuses on CRM systems – processes in sales, customer support, marketing and e-commerce.

Through collaboration with OpenAI, the first in a series of trusted partners, Salesforce brings a generative AI capability to its proprietary AI models.

With Einstein GPT, companies can combine their internal data from Salesforce’s various clouds (Sales, Marketing, Service, etc.) with both open and closed data, for example weather data that is subscribed to. Based on this data or a combination of different data sets, companies can then get help generating content that adapts in real time to changing customer information.

The launch today includes the following:

Einstein GPT for sale: Streamlines salespeople’s work by writing customized emails, scheduling meetings, or preparing the next interaction with a customer.

Einstein GPT for Customer Service: Enables service personnel, based on past contact reports and other data, to quickly get auto-generated, tailored responses in chat with customers.

Einstein GPT for Marketing: Generates dynamically customized content such as tailored landing pages and ads.

Einstein GPT for Slack: Make it easy to get customer insights directly in Slack, such as smart summaries of sales opportunities or background information about customers.

Einstein GPT for Developers: Salesforce Research’s proprietary language model makes it more efficient to generate code by using AI-assisted chat where questions about languages ​​such as Apex can be asked.

ChatGPT for Slack, built by OpenAI: In addition to the above, OpenAI is now also launching ChatGPT for Slack. With the app, Slack users can get AI-powered summaries of Slack conversations, tools that help them understand and learn more about almost any topic, but also help to quickly formulate messages.

$250 million generative AI fund from Salesforce Ventures: Finally, Salesforce announces that the company’s global investment arm, Salesforce Ventures, is launching a fund for generative AI with the goal of investing in potent startups, strengthening the ecosystem around the technology and thereby driving the development of responsible generative AI.

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