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Salary increase | When is the ideal time to order?

Salary increase | Many people, even with full awareness of the work done to the organization, their potential and collaboration time, find it difficult to ask for a salary increase. Sometimes they even prefer to go in search of another job opportunity to pay more.

This happens because they do not know the proper way to approach their superiors, as well as not properly using the arguments that justify such a request.

To help you overcome this difficulty, we have listed in this post some suggestions so that you can ask for the salary increase you want so much.

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What this article covers:

Asking for a salary increase: What aspects should be considered?

Before deciding to ask for a salary increase, the employee must make a prior analysis of the financial situation in which the company finds itself.

In addition, the organizational climate must be willing to analyze your request, so that the chances of your request being approved are greater.

For this, it is important that you be aware that the company is not going through a financial crisis, or changes that directly impact its administration, such as:

  • Team changes;
  • Mergers;
  • Internal crises.

Therefore, if the company is facing times like those mentioned above, the ideal thing is that you wait for the situation to normalize and thus make your request for a salary increase.

In addition, there are other criteria that must be taken into account so that you can apply for a salary increase. Check out!

1 Show commitment to the company

Commitment is one of the qualities that managers most look for in their employees.

Since this characteristic is so relevant to them, it is recommended that you present the decisions and actions you will adopt to demonstrate your commitment to the company’s future.

That is, in addition to making it clear that you are concerned not only with your personal growth, but also with that of the organization.

Show your superiors that you are prepared to grow within the company, so the request for a salary increase can be better analyzed.

2 Be prepared for negotiations

Don’t get frustrated if your request for a salary increase is not immediately accepted, as it is natural for your boss to impose certain conditions before granting it.

However, you don’t need to accept all the conditions imposed, as well as present your wishes and needs that led you to ask for a salary increase.

In this sense, the balance will be decisive for the salary increase proposal to be analyzed and approved.

3 Prepare to Approach Your Boss

First of all, a golden tip, never ask your boss for a raise in an informal way, at an inappropriate time and place.

In this case, it is advisable to schedule a time that is good for both of you, avoiding possible interruptions from third parties, which could take the focus of the meeting, which is the request for a salary increase.

At this meeting you will have the opportunity to explain your expectations regarding the company and the reason for your request for a salary increase.

But it is worth noting that you should not expect or demand an immediate response, as your boss will need time to analyze the impact that this salary increase would have on the company’s finances.

Therefore, he can turn to the HR department or his superior, so that they can reach a conclusive answer.

4 Work on high profile projects

An excellent strategy to achieve your salary increase more easily is to be active in programs and projects that promote involvement with all departments of the company.

Thus, they will have the possibility of having greater contact with representatives of higher positions in the organization’s hierarchy, who will be able to perceive their importance for the development of the institution.

Therefore, a good option to gain better opportunities is to participate in projects about social responsibility or corporate governance.


So if you’ve had the urge to ask for a pay raise and you didn’t know how to do it, now’s the time.

So, make an assessment of the organization’s current scenario and know how to identify the best time to schedule a meeting with your boss.

At this time, be sure to highlight your qualities and commitment with which you develop your work in favor of the company’s growth.

That way, the chances of your salary increase being approved will be much greater.

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