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Rustic wedding details: tips

The use of rustic elements to decorate represents a new trend in the field of weddings. The aesthetic provokes a feeling of well-being, creating a more intimate and welcoming atmosphere, both for the bride and groom and for the guests.

Rustic details can highlight the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

You rustic details often make all the difference, especially when it comes to country wedding decorations. The items are designed to highlight the idea of ​​the outdoors and are also capable of valuing nature.

Rustic wedding decor is not just limited to open areas, such as ranches, farms and farms. The style can also be worked on in a ballroom, as long as its elements are well used.

O wedding marked by rusticity explores materials such as wood, burlap, straw, wheat, natural fibers and cast iron. The decor also takes advantage of colors such as off-white, brown, brown, beige, pastel tones and green.

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Rustic wedding details

Worn out furniture and objects. (Photo: Disclosure)

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• The chairs of the guests at the ceremony can be decorated with a basketwork basket filled with flowers. The pieces also help to mark the bride’s way down the aisle;

• Retro objects must be incorporated into the decoration to create a pleasant atmosphere of nostalgia and reform the idea of ​​romanticism;

• At wood log slices they can turn into charming trays for sweets;

• Wildflowers are fundamental to assemble a decoration with rustic details;

• A wooden plaque with the names of the bride and groom adds a touch of personality to the look of the party;

Rustic detail on the chairs. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Souvenirs and other wedding decorations can be made with jute, an essentially rustic material;

• You hanging baskets with flowers make the atmosphere more romantic;

• Simple objects value the idea of ​​rusticityso it is worth betting on old utensils, baskets, chests, lamps, copper ornaments, fairground crates, picture frames, cages and books in the decoration;

• You dry twigs and dry leaves also contribute to the aesthetics of the rustic wedding;

• O naked cake it is a great option to decorate the main table;

• At the party venue, the couple can distribute small boards with romantic messages;

• The use of old furniture and slightly worn in decoration also gives a special charm to the wedding.

Photos of rustic wedding details

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