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Rustic Furniture Embu/SP

Rustic Furniture Embu/SP is what you are looking for? Then know that there are many stores specializing in this type of furniture in the city, which is in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. Read the article to check out decorating tips and where to buy the pieces.

Rustic furniture Embu/SP. (Photo: Publicity)

With an aesthetic capable of bringing out the trends of the past, rustic furniture is pieces that work well in the decoration of any environment, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. The pieces are made with resistant wood and keep many stories behind the rusticity.

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What this article covers:

Rustic Furniture Embu/SP

Rustic furniture makes the house more charming. (Photo: Publicity)

Some people like a newer, bolder and very current decor. Others prefer something older, with rustic furniture. Furniture items that abuse rusticity are perfect for decorating farms or farms, for example, but you can add them to your home. They are usually a little more expensive than the others, however, they last a “lifetime” for the quality of the wood used.

The furniture is rustic and resistant and cozy. (Photo: Publicity)

The rustic style has been increasingly successful in the decoration of environments. He manages to make a true return to the origins, bringing out the charm and uniqueness of other times. The beauty of the furniture lies in the wear and tear caused by time and the sturdy wood. Including rustic furniture in the decor of a room is a powerful strategy to end monotony.

Rustic furniture is able to tell stories of the past. (Photo: Publicity)

There are many options for rustic wooden furniture that promise to transform the look of your home, such as cabinets, tables, chairs, dressing tables, countertops and shelves. The pieces can share space with modern elements, making the decoration even more personalized and relaxed.

Rustic furniture is made of sturdy wood. (Photo: Publicity)

In São Paulo there are thousands of stores scattered around that supply this type of furniture, but a very cool tip for buying them is to go to the Embu das Artes Center, well known for its handicraft fair and its antique stores.

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Antiques are a hit in Embu. (Photo: Publicity)

Where to buy rustic furniture in Embu?

Embu das Artes has many rustic furniture stores. (Photo: Publicity)

you don’t know where to buy rustic furniture Embu/SP🇧🇷 Check out some tips below:

Noah’s hut

All kinds of antiques can be found in the center of Embu. (Photo: Publicity)

The Cabana de Noé store works with demolition wood furniture, that is, pieces that enhance the feeling of coziness and make the environment warmer. There are more than 40 years of history, working with traditional carpentry. The address is Av. Elias Yasbek, 1057 / 2390 – Center – Embu das Artes – SP. The contact phone number is (11) 4704-2765.

Beautiful flower

Find rustic furniture for every corner of the house. (Photo: Publicity)

Florbela invests in the sale of demolition and reforestation wood furniture, seeking to enhance the rustic style in each of its pieces. The store also sells other home decor items, such as chandeliers and paintings. The address is Rua Nossa Senhora do Rosário, 64, Centro – Embu das Artes, SP. For more information, contact us at (11) 4704-3702.

Room set up with rustic furniture. (Photo: Publicity)

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bet on the purchase of rustic furniture Embu/SP and leave every environment in your home with a more welcoming air.

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