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Rumors of a Golden Eye 007 remaster seem more real • ENTER.CO

The appearance of new Golden Eye 007 achievements on Xbox would confirm that the announcement of a remaster is closer than expected.

A new test seems to confirm the rumors of a Golden Eye 007 remaster… or at least show that it was once a possibility. @Wario64, One of the most reliable unofficial sources when it comes to gaming rumors shared a series of images that correspond to Golden Eye 007’s achievements.

The list of achievements is on the official Microsoft page and, at the time of publication of this note, they are still active. What this would confirm to us is that, indeed, the remake of the game is on the way and will arrive for Xbox, possibly also for PC (but this last detail would need to be confirmed.

Achievement lists include single player objectives (for example, completing part of the campaign on any difficulty) as well as multiplayer objectives.

Will this be a paid game? We have to put the “speculation” sign high and bright here, but it’s possible that the game is coming directly to Game Pass, rather than being a separate purchase. The main reason is that we already have a precedent that these types of strategies are quite attractive for Xbox. Golden Eye 007 is one of those games that sparks nostalgia without much effort. The fact that this is a remastered version means that players shouldn’t expect many changes in terms of how it looks and works.

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This last point is important, because, although Golden Eye is an extremely popular game, this feeling is mainly based on nostalgia. It is enough to review any YouTube video of the game to understand that today this game is one of those additions that is more useful for downloading, that takes up little space, and can eventually be used as a distraction or a casual game among friends to remember better times.

This is not to say that we aren’t happy about the addition of Golden Eye. The game is also famous because the restrictions around the license have made any type of visit logistically a nightmare. In fact, the good news is that if nostalgia isn’t enough for you, Io Interactive (the developer behind the Hitman saga) is moving forward with the creation of a new game of the silver screen’s most famous spy.

Images: Nintendo

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