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Round face haircuts to accentuate the face shape

In the past, my only source of inspiration for cut hair was found in coffee table catalogs at a local salon. If I wasn’t going for a standard cut, I’d have to frantically flip through each page to choose what I’d do next before it was my turn to sit in the salon chair.

Now, thanks to the internet and social media, we have access to experts who can help us choose the best haircuts for our face shape weeks before the appointment, so we can make a decision, change our minds, and change them. again, all before it’s too late. If it had been this way sooner, I would have been saved from more than just a few not-so-cute haircuts.

I’m happy to say that we no longer have to learn the hard way. Just contact some stylists to ask about the best haircuts. In that case, we asked all our beautiful readers of round face to find out which are the best round face haircuts.

1. Long Layers

Gina Rivera a celebrity hairdresser and founder of Phenix Salon Suites , recommended long layers for round face shapes. “These styles tend to create a balance that makes the face look a little longer rather than wider,” she said.

If you don’t opt ​​for layers and choose a one-length haircut, the roundness of your face will likely be over-emphasized, according to the celebrity hairstylist. Annagjid “Kee” Taylor .

2. Medium length cut with chin length layers

Similar to shag cuts, “chin-length layers help elongate and frame a round face,” she said. Andrew Fitzsimons , a celebrity hairstylist who styled some of our favorites (Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, J.Lo, and Megan Fox). Adding a smaller curl pattern to this style if your hair isn’t curly yet can be one of the best round face haircuts – especially if you’re a fan of styles with lots of volume.

When it comes to parting your locks, stylists agree: a deep side part or a middle part will give your face the illusion of length.

3. Pixie Cut

If you prefer a shorter style that requires minimal styling, Kee said you can never go wrong with a pixie cut. This is without a doubt one of the most popular round face haircuts, so if you’re looking for inspiration, Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams are two celebrities who get the pixie cut right.

If you have curly hair and are concerned about how your hair will look with a pixie cut, Kee recommended a layered bob. After your hair dries and your hair pattern is formed, you will be left with a lot of volume.

4. Fuzzy cuts

According to Rivera, a long shag cut is another great style for anyone with a round face. “Shag layers can help frame the face by creating a focus on the vertical center line of the face rather than the width of the face.”

Fitzsimons agreed and encouraged the addition of bangs to shag haircuts to further accentuate her face shape.

5. Fringes

Don’t be afraid: a side bang or a bold bang will add an edge to your look and complement your face shape, so don’t be afraid of them! Fitzsimons recommended both, but suggested avoiding soft, wispy bangs as they can result in further accentuating the softness of your features.

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