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Room where Messi slept during the World Cup in Qatar will be turned into a museum

The room that Messi used during the World Cup in Qatar will become a museum.

Photo: Aurelien Meunie/Getty Images

Lionel Messi’s passage through the World Cup in Qatar continues to give a lot to talk about, now it is reported that the room in which he slept will be transformed into a museum.

The Qatar University, which was the place where the players of the Argentine National Team stayed during their stay in the country, announced that they will vacate room B201 for reservations, as they have better plans for it. Now no one will be able to sleep there anymore, but they can visit it as a museum.

“The room of the Argentine National Team player Lionel Messi will remain unchanged and will be available only to be visited and not for his stay,” said Hitmi al Hitmi, director of communications and public relations at Qatar University, in an interview with the newspaper. Al Sharq.

The bedroom, from what we have been able to see in images, is made up of two beds, a sofa, a desk, a television built into the wall, a closet, a full-length mirror, and a full bathroom.

During his stay in the place, the room was personalized at the entrance door with an Argentina jersey with the number B201 and the name of L. Messi, while the bed area was decorated with a huge photograph of three players of Argentina and the legend: ‘We are all one’.

In addition to the aforementioned room, Lio also used to have a strong presence in the dining room, in the gym, in two training fields that the prestigious university has.

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