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Room Decoration

THE room decoration seeks to balance trends in the sector with the preferences of the residents of the house. This room must have a peculiar style, capable of valuing the personality characteristics of each individual. The combination of furniture and wall painting is the essence of the decorative process.

Room decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

The bedroom is undoubtedly the best space in the house to take refuge and rest. This division can be decorated in different ways, but it is worth taking care not to create visual pollution and compromise the main objective of the room: to offer tranquility. Space limitations and trends are also worth considering.

What this article covers:

Room Decoration

A bedroom should not only look good, it also needs to provide a comfortable environment. A professional capable of giving good tips about decoration is the interior designer, his work will provide greater elegance to all the rooms in your home.

Below are three options for Room Decorationcheck out:

Double room decoration

The room needs to be cozy. (Photo: Disclosure)

The environment should please both men and women, so the ideal is to choose a classic style without too much color exaggeration. A spacious double bed, a chest of drawers and a large closet are indispensable pieces of furniture to compose the bedroom. It is difficult for two people to share the same environment, they can get involved in conflicts, so create a harmonious atmosphere in the environment by combining light colors and thus promote relaxation.

The double bedroom should be practical, cozy and comfortable. It cannot be decorated with so many elements, as this can disrupt the movement of residents. To favor the feeling of coziness, the bedroom walls can be given warm colors.

Modern double bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

The double bedroom does not always need to be decorated in warm colors to convey the idea of ​​coziness. The use of light and light colors is a way to achieve a cozy and at the same time modern atmosphere.

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See below some pictures of decorated double rooms and get inspired:

Room decorated in neutral colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

With the following video, learn the first steps to decorate a double bedroom:


– Teenager’s room

Adolescence is a phase of discovering identity, young people like to expose their way of seeing the world on the walls of their bedroom. The decor can be themed, also balancing light colors so as not to increase the stress of the teenager. It is interesting that there is a quiet area reserved for studies.

The teenager’s room is considered a true refuge. It is in this space that young people find privacy to listen to their music, receive friends, use the computer, study and play video games. The environment needs to be able to value your personality traits and offer moments of peace.

The environment reserved for teenagers should have basic furniture, that is, bed, wardrobe, nightstand and desk. The furniture aesthetic should be modern and funky. Walls can be decorated with posters of favorite bands, photo murals or even decorative stickers.

Check out some links to improve the decoration of a teenager’s room:

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Before planning the decoration of the teenager’s room, it is interesting to be inspired by some projects. See photos below from decorated teen rooms🇧🇷

– Baby’s room

This room should suggest tranquility for the child, having an area where he can play safely. Paint the walls in cool colors, pastel tones help when relaxing. Two pieces of furniture are essential: a crib and a wardrobe. Prefer white curtains and use items from the Trousseau to compose the decor.

Room decoration usually begins to be thought of even before the baby arrives in the world. Parents choose the main colors and theme, but in some cases they end up forgetting about the well-being of the child. The environment calls for furniture with rounded edges and certification from Inmetro. It is also important not to overdo it with the number of decorative items, otherwise the circulation could be impaired in the room.

The walls of the baby’s room can be painted conventionally, but there is also the possibility of decorating them with decorative stickers or wallpaper. Lighting, in turn, should be comfortable and relaxing so that the baby enjoys good hours of sleep.

Access the following links to make the decoration of the baby’s room beautiful, safe and comfortable:

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🇧🇷 baby room rugs

Find inspiration in the following photos to decorate the baby’s room:

The following video teaches you how to choose baby room details. Check out:

to plan the room decorationseek to know the trends, value good taste and put your creativity to work.

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