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Room decoration with recyclable objects

THE environmental awareness is revolutionizing the way of living. Even the living room, one of the main living spaces in the house, is incorporating elements of sustainable and environmentally friendly decor.

Cellar made with concrete blocks. (Photo: Disclosure)

A way of decorate the room and preserving nature is betting on recyclable objects. These pieces are made with materials that would end up in the trash, such as paper, plastic, glass and aluminum.

You decorative objects made with recycled materials show that it is not necessary to buy everything new to change the look of the house. All you need is creativity and good taste to reuse materials and compose a sustainable decoration. With this initiative, residents preserve the environment and also save money.

What this article covers:

Sustainable living room decorating ideas

• The commitment is not to degrade and what has already been degraded must be reused.

• Residents can bet on improvised furniture to create unique and personalized pieces.

• You recycled objects they must appear subtly in the decoration, that is, without exaggeration.

• A decoration with recyclable materials it must be in harmony with regard to colors, textures, reliefs and volumes.

Bottles turned into beautiful decorations for the home. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A new paint job is a way to reuse a decoration piece which fell into monotony. Another cool idea is fabric lining.

• Recyclable materials make it possible to create a different environment even with limited financial resources.

Recyclable objects for living room

Check out the following recycled objects for the living room:

Wine House: it can be built with the concrete blocks left over from renovation or construction. The material guarantees a robust and charming aesthetic.

Bookcase: it can be assembled with plastic crates of the same or different colors.

Center table: after receiving a painting, the pallets can be used as a charming support piece of furniture in the center of the room.

Coffee table made with pallets. (Photo: Disclosure)

Organizers: boxes can be covered with patterned paper to take on the function of organizers in the room.

Puff: this element usually leaves the room with a more relaxed atmosphere, especially when its structure is made with two tires and covered with outdoor canvas.

photo panel: this object can be made by reusing a picture frame and adding clotheslines to the structure.

Vases: glass bottles can be reused and turned into small flower vases.

Lamps: plastic cups and ostrich eggs are some materials that can be turned into lamps.

Curtain: Fabric scraps can be used to make curtains and dress the windows in a very colorful way.

Cushions: can be made from umbrella fabrics.

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