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Ronaldinho Gaucho is announced as reinforcement of Ibai Llanos for Gerard Piqué’s Kings League

Ronaldinho Gaucho, former Brazilian soccer player.


The Gerard Piqué’s Kings League is gaining more and more popularity, It is for this reason that many important players have wanted to participate in said event, so much so that Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández is one of those who has said present.

However, now Porcinos FC, where the Mexican played, and who is led by Ibai Llanos, protagonist the previous day for his penalty against Iker Casillas, has paralyzed social networks by announcing the arrival of Ronaldinho Gaucho.

And it was precisely on social networks, and during a streaming made on Twitch, where Llanos announced the player’s participation in his team, in what is expected to be against Pio FC, team of the Mexican Rivers, which will take place this Sunday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. Mexico time, 3:00 p.m. ET.

There is a super star, historical player, an idol for many, the best player in the world who promised to play on the 26th February with Pigs. The reality is that she stopped responding, but here came Piqué, who has to be the last ‘ok’ ”, said Ibai Llanos warming up the engines of the announcement.

On the other hand, Piqué explained how a message was sent to said player, and it is he who would say ‘ok’ in order to play with Porcinos FC. Furthermore, he explained how is it that he gave him ‘his hand’ and gave him ‘his word’, things that led to the arrival of the player.

With a short video of Piqué and Llanos, it was seen how the streamer “needed” a 12 player for Sunday’s game, to which the former FC Barcelona central selected a random person, who ended up being Ronaldinho Gaucho, former player of the Spanish team, Milan and other important teams in Europe.

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