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Ronaldinho and his viral reaction in the Kings League: “I’m not going to run”

The Kings League has become a true media bombshell in recent weeks. The tournament led by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué is attracting the attention of thousands of fans. The inclusion of Ronaldinho has been an extra point for the tournament. The Brazilian arrived in the league to put his magic and his charisma on the field.

At 42 years of age, Ronaldinho did not refuse to put on some boots again and play in this demanding seven-a-side football tournament. The level that has developed in the Kings League surprised Chicharito Hernández himself. But the former FC Barcelona player made it clear that he is only there to have fun.

I’m not going to run, let someone else do it“Was Ronaldinho’s reaction when he found out that penalties in the Kings League had to be taken starting from half the pitch towards the opposing goal. Far from generating disgust, the Brazilian’s sincerity caused a lot of grace among the fans of the tournament.

A bitter debut in the Kings League

Despite the party that Ronaldinho’s arrival in the Kings League represented, the brazilian’s debut was with defeat. After the partial 0-0 against the Pio FC team, the team of the Mexican streamer Rivers took the victory 3-1 by way of penalties in movements.

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