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Romina Marcos proudly shows off her curves posing in a bikini on board a yacht

The daughter of Niurka, Romina Marcos, she was seen completely proud of her curves and, as is customary, she accompanied a sensual photo posing in a bikini with a message of self-esteem with which she made it clear that she is not afraid of criticism.

The former participant of the reality show ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’ continues to give people something to talk about on social networks, where she constantly shares aspects of her family and professional life and also causes a stir by showing herself without complexes in risky images that expose her curvaceous silhouette , but they also prove that he inherited the beauty of the Cuban star, like the series of images he shared a few days ago in which he was seen posing in a bathing suit while walking aboard a yacht in the company of his family.

And it was precisely during this same trip to Yucatan, Mexico, from where the daughter of the scandalous woman turned to her official Instagram profile to share a snapshot in which once again, she exposed her curves while posing in a tiny black bikini Halter neck crossover at the top.

However, she also added a message of self-esteem that complemented a second image in which a graph can be seen that made her feel completely identified, since it reads the requirements to have a perfect body to go to the beach, which are summary in: have a body and go to the beach. Simple as that.

Before the message, Romi Marcos accompanied the postcard with the phrase: “Take those curves for a walk“, with which he once again earned the recognition of his fans who, in addition to showering him with compliments, some more thanked him for becoming an inspiration.

“Away with stereotypes, gorgeous by the way”, “You raise my self-esteem”, “Beautiful and sensual”, “You have a great body”, “That is the attitude that we all should have”, “You have a very beautiful body”, “Did you know words It’s good that you enjoy the beach”, “You are my inspiration to accept me as I am Romi, I admire you a lot”, wrote some users of the same social network.

With another sensual photograph as the cover of a video, the 26-year-old actress also shared an account of her last 12 months, in which she was seen in different facets as an actress, singer, dancer and of course on a personal level at times together to her controversial mother, in addition to those in which she wore other tiny bikinis.

The bikini parade continued with another set of garments in an orange tone, with which she once again attracted all eyes while having fun with her brother Emilio Marcos.

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