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Rolling a banknote in cinnamon: the ritual to receive money immediately

One of the simplest rituals to attract money when we feel that we cannot cover expenses at the end of the fortnight or month is roll a bill around a cinnamon stick.

It is said that this spell should be performed if we urgently need cash, since cinnamon is in tune with the energy of luck and attraction, while the bill is a symbol of prosperity.

Cinnamon is one of the most common kitchen elements that we can find practically anywhere. For the purposes of this ritual we will occupy it in branches or rods, while the bill must be of any denominationthe only condition is that it is valid.

It can be done any day and time, however, for it to have better effects your mood has to be positive, that is, do not do it if you are angry, worried or sad; do it with joy and without haste, commented the youtuber Aida Espiritual on her rituals channel.

How to do the cinnamon-rolled ticket ritual?

The ritual is as simple as it sounds, just try to carry it out in solitude and when no one interrupts you. It won’t take you long.

Cinnamon and money have the same vibrational frequency. (hence the secret of this ritual), however, keep in mind that the spell is not to obtain large amounts, but figures that allow you to cover your daily expenses such as paying for a service, repairing the car, a bill, school fees , etc.

Before beginning, light an incense stick to help you manifest your desires to the universe. It can be any, although you can opt for a cinnamon aroma to further potentiate the ritual.

Take the cinnamon stick and rub it between your hands to tune your energy with the ritual. Visualize the amount you need and imagine that you have them in the present. Remember that for the universe there is no past or future, only the present time, so you have to feel that your dream is real.

Now take the bill and rub it in the same way. Now wrap the bill around the cinnamon stick and tie 3 knots around it with a red string or ribbon.

You can place this amulet inside your purse or pocket and accompany it with other bills or coins. Do not use the ticket until your wish is fulfilled. Trust that the universe will give you what you need somehow, that is, don’t think about it all the time.

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