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Rodrigo Santoro compares his waxing session for the movie “300” with that of Steve Carell in “The-40-year-old-virgin”

Rodrigo Santoro is currently promoting the series “Wolf pack”.

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rodrigo santoro He has distinguished himself by being very committed when preparing for the roles he plays, but there was one that required a large part of his body to be shaved. It is about Xerxes, the villain of the 2006 film “300” and of which he spoke recently.

In an interview for SiriusXM the Brazilian actor recounted his experience prior to the filming of that film: “The description (of Xerxes) was nine feet tall, the voice of thunder and no hair, like a reptile or something like that. Without hair not only on the head, but on the whole body… I learned many lessons. First of all, great respect for the people who wax their bodies.”

Rodrigo visited a place in Canada where he was given a choice of whether he wanted hot or cold waxing: “I said, ‘OK, hot.’ And then the girl just put that thing on my chest, on the whole, you know, side, and when she was about to ask her something, she just ripped it off right away. Y I will never forget. It reminded me of that movie, “The 40-year-old virgin”, Steve Carrell, incredible. And I said, ‘No, no, no. For for’. She brought a towel. He rolled it up and said, ‘Bite.’ Then she did it to the middle of my torso. And I said, ‘Enough. It’s enough. Many thanks. I already learned. I’m going to use the rake.’ And that was it. I gave up, because it was the whole body. I’m not a very hairy guy, but I do have hair. And it was very painful.”

Rodrigo is currently promoting the series Paramount+ “Wolf Pack”in which he shares credits with Sarah Michelle Gellar; so far it says that only in “300” He has worked with a team of people who specifically help him to make his body look perfect: “He was the first to arrive and the last to leave the set.”

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