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Rock the Socks – that’s why we wear mismatched socks on World Down Syndrome Day

At the end of March, we put on matching socks to celebrate differences and the equal value of all people. Here’s everything you need to know about the Rock the Socks initiative.

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On March 21 each year, we mark World Down Syndrome Day by Rocking the Socks. The initiative involves us wearing mismatched socks to show that we are all different but have the same rights and value.

The concept, which originally comes from the USA, came to Sweden in 2014 at the initiative of the Swedish Down Association.

The reason why socks have become the symbol of the day is that all four variants of Down’s syndrome come from an inborn genetic condition linked to chromosome pair 21 – and under a microscope, the chromosome pairs almost look like socks lying with their heels against each other.

That’s how you rock your socks

For those who want to pay attention to the day, there are plenty of Rocka Socks-material on the Swedish Down Association’s website. Of course, we also put on our best odd socks to celebrate the day!

If you want to support the Swedish Down Association, you can go one step further and invest in the winning design in this year’s edition of Happy Socks and the Swedish Down Association’s design competition for people with Down syndrome.

The 2022 winner of the competition is Nils Walter from Ystad, whose music-inspired design studded with guitars, stars and hearts has been aptly named “Rock and Roll Sock”.

“Most things go a little easier with music and a good song gets stuck in your head. With this ‘rocking sock’, it would be great if not all Rocked socks all year round!”, reads the jury’s justification.

Below you will find Nils’ sock, which will be paired with a sock from Happy Socks’ regular range and sold for the benefit of the Swedish Down Association during the period 1 – 31 March 2022.

Sources: Preschool forum, The Swedish Down Association

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